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Hello all. Sorry I haven't posted much, busy with the new career. Still saving for the Canon system - I will be purchasing it next week. I hope B&H can still accomodate. Let me just say that this camera is pretty frustrating taking indoor candids. Almost a half of my pics were out of focus. The camera is fine in bright light. I had a ball with it in Hawai'i but I was getting really frustrated with it, while at my fiance's house (yes, I am now engaged - sounds like I am stuck in a gear). So, the Olympus freakazoid that he is, pulls out his old camera, I think it was the 2200, it is a 10x zoom and it looks like a monster. But the camera handled much better. It was slower on the whole, but the focusing was just as fast (it also had one of those sensor beams), the quality wasn't as high, but I was getting more shots of my nieces whom I had no choice in babysitting for. I really hope they improve the focusing when they revamp this camera. I even tried to spot focus, but it just defaulted to the wide focusing rectangle (in 4 green marks) I guess that signified that it was using that focusing beam, which means that the spot focus wasn't working. But I took one shot of my 6 year old niece on a bean bag chair and there was no depth of field, she was completely still, and the camera locked the focus, the pic looked good on the screen and when I downloaded it and looked at it, everything was out of focus. It was very upsetting cause it was a nice shot.

Anyway, enough of my qualms, here was a picture of my bro's ferret (he's "vacationing" at my boyfriend's while he's on his honeymoon), being held up by my niece. This one focused perfectly, but it wasclose up and there was probably more light for the camera to use, I think it came out good, let me know what you all think, and let me say, I am happy to be back on this forum, I really missed you guys!
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Congrats on your engagement, and welcome back! I see you're still the night owl. As for me, wuss that I've become, conked out early after drinking 1/2 gallon of sake with dinner, now up... wide awake, 4:30-ish EST.

Nice ferret shot. I have a pretty good soup recipe for ferrets if you're interested.

As for low-light stuff, funny you mention it. I dug out an old album today I took of all natural light candids with my film slr using 400 speed film. No comparison.

I have, however, gotten really good results using WA converter and low shutter speeds of 1/15. Lots of recent posts with examples on this. The Raynox DCR 720 (52mm) is an inexpensive, decent choice to fool around with. This one is good also, as you can still zoom through the lens. Costs about $50.

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Cute ferrit... Nice shot...

Congrats on your engagement and welcome back.

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Cute little rug shark. I used to have five of them. Miss them alot but thanks for a the cute shot.

Good to see you posting again.
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