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nooner wrote:
Jeff...........The firmware update is real easy to do and only takes a few minutes. The real problem may be finding a FZ1.
I imagine that most people who have them are hanging on to them.. I've seen them on ebay as "demos" for under $200.. That of course is a hit and miss type of thing..

fmoore, I knew I bought that 62mm-55mm step ring for a reason.. Just couldn't remember why.. Just kidding, lots of filters for my Olympus OM4 that are 55mm.. Figured why not try some.. Cheaper than new filters.. Thanks again for posting the compare..

I'm afraid we've hijacked the OPs thread.. Quite nice btw.. I've been envious of the IR photos here since Nick posted his great color ones..

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Thank you. Here is "the" site on IR. When you have some time to kill, check it out.

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Tom and fmoore those IR shots sure look cool. It adds a whole new dimension to your photographs. I really like it.

Nice work.

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NickTrop wrote:
I have seen several articles describing taking apart a digicam and replacing the IR filter with clear (optical) glass of the same thickness. One article suggested using three microscope slide covers since each runs approximately 1mm in thickness and most IR filters run between 2.7 and 3mm.
Of course, the disadvantage is that you have to be willing to sacrifice your digicam if something goes wrong. I'd suggest buying a used 3x zoom 4 or 5 megapixel camera as a test case since it seems to me that the IR effect works best in wide to short tele zoom ranges.
Derek Benner
^^^Not bad at all. The issue, however, is that you will have to shoot with extremely long shutter speeds. Cameras with IR blockers, block 70% or more of the infrared spectrum. It would be comparable to shooting indoor infrared candids. It would be exactly like putting on a filter that only lets 30% of the "normal visible" spectrum in.

Is it possible to get a decent shot? Yes.

Will it be easy? No...

Is it worth it? I don't think so, personally. Up to you.

Since you're also shooting outdoors, you will also suffer from motion blur. There should be virtually no breeze or the foilage will blur badly at 1 second and above shutter speeds.
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