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Well, I allready said that I didn't use any filters (not even the adapter/hood). By now, I don't have other explanation but this one (with the joint of diaphragm's blades). What is really weird, is the fact that some FZ20's are ok, for example bt1 had that nice and clean sunset at f5.6, and many others has this problem. Annoying...
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I looked at some of my sunrise/sunsets and see no flare. I usually do not shoot right at the sun but way off to an angle and probably violate the rule of thirds. Pictures are great/poor to the eye of the beholder.

I PP them so I would have to goto my archives to get the original out-of-the-box image.

Still like the images shown above,even with a LITTLE flare are great.

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This is a very very long stretch and I really don't think this would matter, but out of curiousity: Were these shot with 9-area focal points, or with spot-focus? I only ask because the "grid" of flares is so perfect. Not that the 9-point system would necissarily cause that, it was just a silly thought when I first looked at the image.
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