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My FZ20 was just delivered. Now where to begin? Where do you learn about what settings to use for the best pictures? Books? Trial and error? :?: Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will study the instruction manual first (I'm a woman). I have 2 kitties which I will be taking pictures of and when spring and summer are in full swing I'll be taking alot of garden and flower photos. I'm real excited
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Welcome! Read the manual first. Then, read it again. Then take lots of pics. Then scour this forum and DPReview. Then, scour them again. Then, take lots of pics. Welcome to the wonderful world of digital photograghy. Looking forward to your posts.
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Old Mar 2, 2005, 3:51 PM   #3
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Welcome Sassy !!
1. Read the manual several times.
2. Get familar with the camera controls and menus
3. Take lots of shots the more you do the more you will learn
4. Shoot in good light eg outdoors avoid low light indoor shots but good window light is fine for pets.

Good luck have fun. :-)

ps. Browse this forum, go right back you will find some helpfull threads and see lots of photos. :-)

This link has simple theory about photography. digital too
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Old Mar 2, 2005, 3:52 PM   #4
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Welcome. As Nick said read the manual and maybe carry it with you at first. Shoot as many pics with different settings and situations as you can and look at the EXIF info when you review. Read thru this,it may help.

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Old Mar 2, 2005, 4:17 PM   #5
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Thanks for the advice. I've seen great shots taken with the FZ20 so I know what it is capable of, lets just hope I'm capable.
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You're sassy, like kitties and are from Kentucky, you're capable of doing any thing you want to.

Here are my .02's cent worth ...

Reading the manual has been mentioned, but it loads faster and makes it easier to read in a dark room :? if you copy the file DMCFZ20PP.PDF from the CD that came with the camera, to your hard drive and put a shortcut to it on your computer desktop.

Get a large / fast storage card and try working with the different metering / AF modes modes. If you try to capture action - give the burst mode a try.

Learn to read the the picture's 'EXIF' information for when you get ready to try manual settings.

Read the posts on 'post processing' (PP) for tips on noise removal and sharpening images.

Have fun and post some of your shots ... you're sure to get lots of feedback and positive support here.

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Old Mar 3, 2005, 8:27 AM   #7
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sassy...welcome and dive in the water is fine
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I've had my FZ20 for just over a month now and what I found is that its best to read the manual once to get some sort of idea about how to use the camera - take photos intensely for a few weeks as well as read alot of forums and books, then read the manual again, you will be amazed at how much stuff all of a sudden makes sense

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