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alandavey wrote:
A professional photographer friend visited today, with her Digital Rebel (300D) and lenses in a nice attache case. It was HUGE. Even compared to my old 35mm Rebel.

I brought out my FZ3 and showed it her, then happily spent the afternoon shooting nice indoor natural light shots of her and my wife with the curtains drawn to diffuse the strong sunlight.

She was very impressed.

I didn't dare tell her it has IS.

Yes - on a small sensor noise is more of an issue, but with IS I was shooting at 1/15 indoors in natural light with f3 at 80 ISO and the shots were fine.

And can you imagine hauling that huge thing out and waving it around at the zoo? I can put my FZ3 in my jacket pocket.
Some pros are using and liking the compacts like the Lumix FZxx's

the sony 828 with swivel body for waist level viewing.

I understand why you like the FZ3.
pity lumix dont have swivel LCD display for waist level viewing.
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I wouldn't trade in my FZ20 for anything, but I am purchasing a DSLR. Why?Because you really need the higher ISOs for particular situations. Also image quality is higher and you have much more room to manipulate and crop, esp. if you shoot in the raw format (which is uncompressed). The downside is you spend a lot of time in post processing although Fuji's new S3 has film settings to simulate certain fuji films so you don't need post processing. And the quality is amazing.

As far as the size issue. Boyzo's picture is of the Sony digicam and the canon lenses, but Canon has a 70-300mm (112mm-480mm the 35mm equiv-which has a more powerful zoom than the FZs) lens which is very short and with that set up it probably would look comprable in size to that Sony. Of course you would need another lens for the wider angle, and Canon has a great lens that is 18mm-85mm which is about the same size, and if you got that lens you would have a wider angle (28.8mm equiv) than the 36mm equiv of the FZ. They have the image stabilization which supposedly works great and the focus is much faster, and more accurate. Of course you have to pay for all of this. I am adding to my arsenal b/c I shoot mostly candids and the FZ20 falls short in a lot of situations, mainly insufficient light problems, and of course focusing problems. In bright light the camera is as close to perfect as they come, and I do love it.

I do hope Panasonic will come out with a new top O da line FZ camera this year and upgrade it so that most of the problems that we all have with it are fixed. Either way, there is no other camera like ours.
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yup, the lens on th FZ20 is a big plus... In Indonesian Rupiah, for around Rp. 5.400.000 (around us$ 580,-) you can get a 5MP camera with a very great LEICA DC VARIO lens that can use a maximum aperture of 2.8 throughout it's entire zoom range from 36mm to 432mm and don't to forget that it's a OIS (Optical Image stabilization) lens

for intance, in my country (Indonesia) if you buy a dslr, it will likely you have to spend around :
Canon EOS300D Kit = Rp. 7.900.000 (around us$ 830,-)
Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM = Rp. 63.280.000 (around us$ 6.500,-).. i choose this lens because it's also an IS lens, and have f2.8 throughout it's entire zoom range
looking at a total of us$ 830 + us$ 6.500 = us$ 7.330,- for a dslr kit... the us$ 580,- FZ20 is a great buy
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There is no sense to compare DSLR camera and FZ. Panasonic is good choise but if you want quality you should get 20D for example. I need ISO 1600 for my indoor pictures but unfortunatlymy FZ20 offers only ISO400 (too much noise).

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Compact camera -> small sensor -> noise .... but less money :G
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