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Hi, all.

I'm on the verge of buying a camera and am really leaning towards the FZ20. However, I just noticed that it was introduced last summer, wheras the FZ5 was announced just a few weeks ago.

From the specifications, I can't see much difference between the two (the hot-shoe will probably make me opt for the FZ20, in the end, though).

Since I don't have much experience with digital cameras, is this question important? Parts/service are available for how many years, in the digital world? (I could get my Nikon F serviced for DECADES after I bought it!)

Thanks to all who comment!
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FZ20 lens is f2.8 thoughout the zoom range, while the FZ5 is f2.8-f3.3,not as fast at full zoom, which means poorer low-light zoom performance. plus the FZ5 doesn't have manual focus, or, as you mentioned, the hot shoe. if small is important to you, the FZ5 might be a better choice, but i personally feel the FZ20 is a more capable camera.

as for parts & service availability for years, digital cams are not like your old Nikon F... i wouldn't count on getting service for even one decade, much less several. electronics technology moves much too fast for that. i'd guess you should be able to get service for 5-7 years at most. anything beyond that would be based on luck and whether the service shop still had parts available. fortunately, most electronic devices, once they get past the 'infant mortality' stage, hold up pretty well over time, the only thing you should really have to concern yourself with might be the LCD, or possibly if the CCD loses sensitivity after years of use. in any case, by the time you've had an FZ5 or FZ20 5-7 years, they will have some new widget or other and you'll want a new model anyway...
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