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FZ20 pics (exif included), from NW of Buonalbergo (Benevento, Campania, Southern Italy). I m sureyou'll like them. I'll insert a note on these pics shooting features in the next hours.

More pics and panos here:

Francesco Raffaele

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Each and every one is an absolute gem.
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Stunning work. Makes me want to get out and shoot. Thanks for sharing!
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Great series!!!

I am curious how you post multiple pics yet each links to a larger view of itself when you click on it. Nice touch!

For some reason, I am especially intrigued by this one...


It is, I think, because it evokes a forgotten era...when a home was built literally by hand, one stone at a time.

It appears too thatthe homehas cedar shakes for shingles.

I wonder when it was built, by whom and how long it took to build.

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Thank you Goldar, Tb1 and Digcamfan.
When you write a message the "insert image" buttonon the upper right must be pushed and the thumbnail/preview image link inserted. then you select the small image as it appears and you click the "insert link" button, beside the former one and paste the link to the Full size image. That's all.

Obviously one can do that only if he has already the previews and full images on another server (my web page http://www.webalice.it/francescoraff..._Tratturo.html) whereas if you upload images to steve's servers you can only make it appear at full size directly.
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Now about my last sunday's photo session:

I have shot mostly with Multisegment metering (the first one of the three) and 9 zones AF (the first one too).

I generally use spot focus and centre weighted metering, which are the best ones for distant things but not IMO for landscapes.
In that way it is harder to control the correct exposition of all the objects in the frame, especially if there are wide dynamic range situations.
It is often said that FZ20 tends to overexpose, but this is only true with the second metering situation described above.
Instead, with 9 zones AF and Multisegment Metering, the cam tends to severely underexpose in P-mode: also +0,66 will let some zones (like bushes and trees in a landscape with highly or moderately luminous sky and snow) inunderexposition*.

So in this case only practice can help (the LCD, when not directly lit by sun, could deceive you, making you think the images are prefectly exposed whereas they turn to be more than 1 stop down on PC monitor), viewing all the images' EXIF and practicing with A, Sand especially M mode.

P is very bad on FZ20, as its dynamic range control. But these, with some color shifts and a few more known issues, are not enough to make me be nearly fully satisfied of this great cam. Only I find so irritating that this cam can give you results which, with some PP may quite resemble dSLR things, whereas on the other hand metering and WB can be worse than on some Low end (i.e. 250€/$) cams...

Too pretentious to ask for perfection...

* Don't know if this might have been caused by the use of hood + 72mm Uv filter (but I don't think it did)

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