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Totally agree with you fmoore, here is a chart with some of the best two elements close up lens......I foundan interestig article at:



Nikon3T 1.5 52mm

Nikon4T 2.9 52mm

Nikon5T 1.5 62mm

Nikon6T2.9 62mm

Canon 500D 2.0 52mm, 58mm, 72m, 77mm

Canon 250D 4.0 52mm, 58mm


D.S. = Diopter Strenght

your explanationalsois very illustrative...thanks

They mentionnothing about Raynox close-up lenses....but I believe the DCR-250 must be the strongest close-up lens currently.....


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fmoore wrote:
Of course the 4t probably isn't any easier to get than the 6t in Moscow.

Here are some other possibilities:

1. Canon 500d. Dual element +3 diopter. Comes in different diameters including 52mm. (Note: Notthe canon 500 which is single element.)

2. Olympus b-macro or mcon40. Dual element +3 diopter. 55mm; requires 52-55mm step ring to use with rt5264p adapter.

3.Raynox dcr150 +4 diopter. Same set up as the dcr250.
Hi fmoore! Thanks for your replies and advisees.

Today I 'vemade a little search through Moscow selling companies. None of them has Nikon 4T in stock now. There is an opportunity to order this item, but the price will grow twice.

Canon 500D (dual element) costs here $63,5 – 102. It's very strange.

So it may be better just now to keep learning the DCR-250.

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