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Hello all! I am a new FZ-20 fan and really enjoy this forum...

I am heading off on a long cruise in a few weeks, and want to try to bring the ol' FZ as many places as possible... I will be carrying a few extra filters in my backpack, but am looking for a good way to protect my FZ-20.

Do any of you use something similar to this: http://www.adorama.com/OTRF.html

With many thanks,


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Either the Lowepro Topload Zoom 1 or the Zoom Mini (depends on your setup).
I used to have the Zoom 1 ,and I'd use it with my FZ20 and the Phayee adapter on.
But then I had to switch to the Lowepro Nova 2 AW after getting the Hama hood (Kept on at all times).
I tried the Zoom 2 at the store but I had found the diameter of the hama hood to be to wide to fit even in the zoom 2 (depth was not an issue with the zoom 2, just width..), getting the camera in and out of the bag wasn't really working out (rubber hood would stick to the sides of the bag,and would have eventually been ripped of the metal ring it was attached to, if used frequently).
The Lowepros provide great protection for your camera.

There's that hard to find original Lumix semi hard shell case for fz-20 that's smaller than those lowepros and provides good protection, but I doubt you could fit the fz 20 in it with any adapter on it...
it is occasionally put up for auction on ebay for around 16 GBP (I think)

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I'm kind of an activepackrat so I went for a larger bag, the Tamrac Velocity 9 (http://www.adorama.com/TR5749BK.html...&item_no=2). I've only had it a month or so but I really like its quality and size. I also found a deal on it at newegg for about $20 less than what adorama wanted for it so that made the decision to get it much easier. I've used it when taking the FZ and accessories on several long biking and hiking treks and so far ithas worked outgreat.

I'm not suretheprotector you linked to would fit if you had an adapter and a hood (I always keep myPhayee adapter andmy Hama hood on for example) on the camera all the time.
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