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Hi, I'verecently discovered this forum and it's fantastic. What a wealth of information. I have just ordered a new FZ5 - should be arriving this week and I can't wait. This will be my first real digital camera, up to now I've only used a Fuji 2600 point and shoot. Now I'm hoping I can pick the brains of all you experts out there - I am going on a holiday to Bali in about a month's time so I won't have long topractise with my new camera. Can anyone offer some tips or advice to help me get the best out of this camera while on holiday (without getting too technical as I'm still a beginner!). I'm hoping to bring home some beautiful shots to impress everybody!

Thanks heaps.:?

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I can really only offer the following as I'm still a noob to the FZ20 and photography in general. These are the methods I have used (and am still using).

1. Read lots of the posts here andin thePanasonic forum at dpreview (and anywhere else you find in your post browsing), and continue doing so.

2. As soon as you get the camera, while you're giving the battery its first charge, read the manual from front cover to back cover. You may even have time to read it twice whilst the battery is charging.

3. Get yourself a 1gb or 512mb card (I have two 1gb cards).:?

Seems over the top? Well see how you like going through your memory card looking for shots to delete when you fill it up and have 4 hours, a day, whatever, until you can download your precious memories to your computer. I have had to do this before and personally I would prefer not do it again.

4. Get yourself a spare battery.

5. Most important - take lots and lots of photo's. Experiment with your new camera. Try different things. Once you've outlayed money for the s/d card, it costs nothing to develop your digital pic's (until you start printing them of course).
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Thanks Brenno9,

I've bought a 512MB card for starters. I paid the extra for a high speed card, is the speed difference very noticeable? I've ordered an extra battery with the camera, don't want to arrive at the top of the volcano in Bali and run out of power before I get my picture!

You're probably right, just get in there and use the camera, that's the beauty of digital isn't it, so easy to delete all the dud shots.

Thanks for your advice.

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