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I really like the FZ3, except that it is only 3 megapixels, is that enough to print excellent quality 8x10s most of the time? Mostly I would print 4x6, doing an 8x10 once in a rare while. I would go for the FZ10, except that it is big and I would rather have a medium camera like the FZ3. Another thing, how many shots do people that actually have this camera get off of a single battery charge? Thanks for any input or any other info that would sway me to buy this camera.
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3MP should be plenty for an 8x10. I've printed several 3MP images in 8x10 size and can't tell them from pictures taken with 35mm film. the only real advantage to more MP is that it allows you to crop your images, if you want, and still keep enough resolution for good enlargements. and, of course, if you don't crop, the images are just sharper with higher resolution.

the FZ10/15/20 is larger, yes, but offers more features, like manual focus, hotshoe (for the '10 and '20), and a couple of other things. if those aren't important to you, or are less critical than small size, the FZ3 is a great choice.

how many shots on a battery? supposedly around 200-240. i've never gotten more than 180, but then, i use the battery to power the camera while i'm downloading and reviewing on my PC, which sucks up a lot. if i didn't do that, i'd guess 220-240 would be easily within the battery's capability. regardless, i would recommend getting a couple of spare batteries, just in case. nothing worse than missing a shot you really wanted because your battery went dead and you don't have a spare...
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