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Believe it or not I've had the fz20 for about 3 weeks and I just started taking pictures in the last 2 days. I think I'm a little scared of it, in that I may not be happy with the pictures I take with it. I know I have loads to learn. I have not been happy with the pictures I've taken indoors with flash :sad: I am just using P mode right now. Anyway here are a couple pictures I was happy with. And now that I look at them not that great. Any help?

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Looks like you're using 12x zoom. Maybe backoff to 2x or so, get closer. Get the cat more in the frame maybe a little offcenter and try to get the whole head and ears in the shot. You could try aperture priority of f4 or more with center weighted metering. Try a bunch with different settings and either write down what you did or look at the EXIF to see what you like as a setting. Mainly the trick is to shoot alot of photos trying all kinds of settings.
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Welcome! I very much echo what RedHouse says. Experiment and study both the good and bad and learn. Soon you'll have a feeling for the settings to use or stay away from and will be getting lots of great shots. My cats are my favorite subjects and I've had great luck with natural window lighting and no flash. Even when gain of my sunpack 383 is adjusted down and bounced my cats still like to squint.
If you'd like to see some of my Fz20 cat shots please visit here:
Lots of great info can be found in this forum - so keep reading/experimenting and show us how you are progressing!
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The key is to play with the camera, all the settings and have fun with it. Adorable cat.

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The beauty of digital is take as many pics as you can and just delete the ones you don't like, no wasted film. I often work on one thing, like shutter speed or aperture, or composition, etc. and learn from the doing. Have fun.

I liked both these shots.
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