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I'mbecoming very fond of the raynox dcr6600pro .66x wide angle converter. I'vetried a few wa lens including the dcr720 and dcr5000 and the canon wcon07 and barrel distortion andsoft corners have kept them off the camera. There a 0.8x wa lens that are perhaps better on all counts but that aint wide enough. My recent acquisition of the dcr6600 (NickTrop:| 'sredundancy) has changed all that. No distortion or soft corners. Excellent lens at ~$100.

This is the mouth of Pennypack Creek where it flows into the Delaware River in northeast Philly. Taken from the south bank of the creek looking across the mouth and out to the Delaware River flowing downstream on the right. This is still pretty wild back here and innaccessible since the Prison isabout a half mile up the creek andit's a recently filled - 10 years - land fill full of bottles and cans and who knows what. (Didn't smell bad.) Thomas Holme scouted out this area in 1680 for William Penn and recommended that Penn's Faire Greene City be situated here.Thankgoodness it wasn't, but if it weren't for the trash it woudn't be "wild" and in such pristine shape. So let's pretend that Thomas Holme could have taken this shothad he had enough megapixels.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005 ~ 9 AM[/align]
[align=left]FZ1 and dcr660. The sun was low and 90 degrees to the right. A couple of sun flare spots were easily cloned and I had to crop out some crap over on the right. I think having the waacted somewhat as a sunshield or hood. I think the fz1 alone would have been more effected by the sun probably to the point of being unusable. Whodathunkit! Saved by the erstwhile useless wide angle![/align]
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Nice shot. OBTW, Goldar = NickTrop. (I use this when I'm at work... can't log in from here using regular log-in for some reason... long story).

Really glad the DCR 6600 is working out for you.It is "the best" strict WA converter out there at any price imo. It buys the most space, has the least distortion, it's smaller than most, andamong the least expensive. I really is a special piece of glass. Itjust can't zoom past 2X on the FZ-1 without distortion, so it didn't meet my needs.I'm glad itfound a good home. I really like the dramatic angles and extreme perspective it creates... pics look very unique taken with this lens, especially if there are a lot of angles and edges and foreground object... If you have an external flash, it really buys the necessary space for taking "comfortable" group shots where people arenot annoyedtrying to cram into the frame.

What I also like about it (... and the 720 works nearly as well in this regard) is that you can "really" take some loooong hand-held exposures with is at full wide without blur caused by camera shake. Works VERY well with the camera's IS.

I'm very glad you're satisfied with it, and making use out of it! Post away, please.

Nick T.

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