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Some observations....tips.....

When setting the FZ1v2 either in the menu or using the 4 way button, pressing the shutter button part way accepts the last settings,

so no need to confirm the settings via the menu or 4 way button.

When aperture or shutter priority is selected ASA must be selected in menu Auto ASA is not available, so you are stuck with your

ASA setting,if you have a low light situation then "heart " mode will override A or S this means if needed ASA can go as high as 400,
handy for a quick shot, switch the mode dial back to "Auto" and original manual settings are restored.

I found Auto WB works well for outdoor use and leave it there, Only Artificial lighting needs Manual WB settings.
I default to -1/3 EV for outdoor bright cloudy shots.

Whats bad....

No manual focus ring and no quick toggle feature for button or shutter focus mode you need to dig into the menu. coming from a 35mm SLR Auto focus is good but has its limits you need to trick it at times ie focus to one side lock and then reframe.

A manual SLR can always be focussed with the Fresnal screen.

For fast street candids Auto focus can be way too slow as it hunts to lock in, a A Manual 35mm SLR can be focused in an Instant to get just the right shot.

Focus lock will not work on some smooth objects or areas, even in spot mode.

You need to dig into the menu at times for a simple setting, so it can be clumsy to do on a tripod, remote control would be good

No full manual control ie the ability to adjust the Aperture and or the Shutter speed independantly, only thing you can do is bracket.

Bad indoors in low light, focus issues and EVF darkening.

Still a great little camera.

Happy Easter to all.
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