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I am looking to replace my 2 year old Olympus C5050 which
I had recently dropped and no longer works. The gearing mechanism on the zoom lens is making strange noises and I would rather spend the money on a new camera than getting it fixed.

I never knew much about Panasonic cameras, but a friend of mine recently purchased a Panasonic FZ 15 and after seeing it, I was very impressed,
especially with the 12X zoom.

These cameras have to be the best kept secret in the digital camera world.

I am strongly considering purchasing a Panasonic to replace my Oly, but I am somewhat confused by all the different models Panasonic offers.

I was considering the new FZ 5 which will be available soon.
Then after doing some research I seen a model F-220 K.

Can someone please tell me what the difference is between these two models, other than their size.

The F-220K sells for about $100 more than the FZ5, but it is an older model.

Does the FZ-5 replace the 2220K.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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the FZ5 is essentially an upgraded FZ3 with 5Mp instead of 3. it is a different camera from the FZ20, and is not intended to replace it.the '20 also has 5MP, but offers a hotshoe for an external flash, manual focus, a more powerful onboard flash, and the lens on the '20 is f2.8 throughout the zoom range, where the FZ5 is f3.3 at full zoom. not a huge difference, but in low-light settings, at max zoom, it could make a difference.i've heard reports the FZ5 is noisier, but whether that's enough to matter, or if it's even noticeable to the naked eye, i can't say. the FZ20 isa bit more expensive, usually in the range of $485-$550 online, and $550-$600 in stores. the '20 is a larger camera by quite a bit, so if compact size is really important, the FZ5 might be a better choice.

i have had an FZ20 since last November, and absolutely love it.
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I'm guessing you mean the FZ20K rather than 220K.. The FZ20 (K denotes black) is the current flagship of the lumix line. The FZ5, which appears to be a very nice camera otherwise, lacks the flash shoe and manual focus. Of course there are ways around lacking a flash shoe (for external flash) but the manual focus ring is a biggie to me.. A few people from overseas already have the FZ5 in thier hands (which is smaller in size than the FZ10,15,20) and the photos they've posted here look outstanding.

Your friends' FZ15 is a 4mp camera where the FZ20 is a 5mp camera. It is also a slightly different lens, if you check the panasonic site you can read about it.. I don't know what kind your olympus is but I'm reasonably certain you would be happy with ANY of the FZ line of panasonics.

They aren't real well advertised but the dealers are having a hard time keeping them in stock.. At least the black ones anyway..


Good Luck,

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The top of the range Panasonic is the LC1 which costs approx $1000 and its got a Leica version called the Digilux 2. The FZ20/15's sit just below the LC1 - I can't add anymore as the other guys have just about covered things. I would check the reviews here at Steve's, DPreview and DC resource on the FZ 15 & 20.





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Thanks everyone, for the great info!!!!!!!

I was leaning towards the FZ5,butI I was not aware that it does not have manual focus.

I am willing to give up the smaller size for manaul focus.

So it looks like I may go with the FZ20.

Thanks again for the input.

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