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I recently purchased a FZ20 and I have the Phayee adapter on order. I have searched this forum regarding the Hama rubber hood and can't decide wether to get a 62mm or 72mm. The 72mm looks cleaner with the Phayee extension but I almost always use a polarizing filter outdoors (on top of my UV). The 62mm hood will attach to the filter and allow me to adjust the polarizer but the Phayee extension can't be used.From my search I see thatmost people use the 72mm on the Phayee extension but how do you adjust the filter without getting your fingers all over it? It seems it would also be cumbersome. I can imagine taking off the hood with extension every time I need toadjust the filter. What do you guys do? Thanks.
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First, welcome to the forum. I have the Phayee and purchased the 72mm Hood. I leave my hood attached to the extension all the time, and usually the assebly is in the case. When using the polarizer, I adjust the polarizer first, then screw on the hood/extender if I feel its needed. The question I have is: Since a polarizer prevents certain reflected light from entering the lens, wouldn't it also prevent the flaring that the hood prevents, making the hood not as essential when the polarizer is in use? Sorry to talk in circles here, maybe some of the more experienced users can shed some light (pardon the pun) on this.

So far I usually just don't use the hood when I'm polarizing :G. In the few pics I've taken, I can't tell any difference.Don't know if this is really helpful, just the I current way I'm working with my camera/accessories. :?
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i also have the Phayee adapter, but i got the 62mm hood. the Phayee extension is not deep enough to make a difference; even with the collapsible hood attached to the front, it's no better than just attaching the hood to the filter. if i'm using the polarizer, i simply screw it on the back of the rubberhood - i like being able to adjust the polarizer by simply grasping the hood and turning it.

i've taken shots with the polarizer but no hood, and they've come out badly washed out. the polarizer cuts reflected glare, but doeslittle to reduce the excess light coming into the Z20'slens at full zoom. the lens needs a hood at full zoom on bright days, not so much to prevent visible flaring (althoughit does that too), but also to prevent excess light from entering the lens and washing out all the contrast. with the polarized and hood, i get the full effect of the polarizer, along with better contrast and color.
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So those that have the Pemaraal, what hood to you use? Although I got the 2piece PA62 version, it is obvious that with multiple filters that the hood isn't gonna cut it.

Does the 62mm Hama work the best? Or is there anyother option?
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LoveLife if you can find him can tell you all you want to know.

The hama is the best choice out there but only goes to 210mm in protecting from ambient or stray light. The FZ10 goes to 420mm and the FZ20 goes to 432mm.

There is a difference of opinion as to how effective it really is since many shots posted here are taken without the use of a hood like the hama.

It comes down to what you think is best for your shooting style and needs.
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