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Your problem with the Sunpak is most likely caused by its having had batteries left in too long (very common with devices like this -- people forget to take them out, leave the thing turned on etc.) and the consequent sulphation build-up takes the plating off the contacts.

In most cases it only badly affects the removable contacts -- the springs usually seem to survive OK.

Either re-plate them (often just a coating of high-tin solder works -- you might have to take them off the plastic cover, though, and glue them back on) or just remember to give them a quick rub with something like steel wool each time you change the batteries.

Re Ebay, so far my results have been 100% -- it gives me quick access to all manner of things I couldn't buy (or sometimes couldn't afford, or just wouldn't pay the ridiculous markups for) locally -- but I guess it will happen one day.

Delivery times have ranged from two hours (item was a few streets away) to three weeks for one a couple of thousand miles away (but still in Australia.)

Overseas purchases have so far only been new items, and have always arrived within the week -- I can't believe how professional most full-time Ebay vendors are!
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I left him negative feedback, my comments barely dented his rating. I would've left a neutral feedback except I feel like I was somewhat misled by the comment:


At first I thought that he may have just been using the "test" button to confirm that the strobe fired and may have been unaware of how finicky the shoe connection was. This flash was plagued with a range of small and irritating problems that he should/would have been aware of if he actually tested. I'm not sorry I bought it and I don't feel like I got "ripped off" but I think I was misled.

I mentioned too that i got the Quantaray flash at a local store. After testing at home, I realized that the 370 was underpowered so I took it back and got the last 383 super they had in stock.

I'm going to take some of your advise and try to get the 422 I bought on ebay up to a reliable state and let my son play with it.
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You could try to contact the buyer for a return on the grounds that the item did not match the description. I have done this as a buyer and have either been able to return the item or be given a partial refund. I have also accepted a fishing reel back as a seller when I did not realize there was corrosion inside - it was an honest oversight and I resold the reel later with a description & photo of the minor corrosion as well. Your seller might not have looked at the battery contacts when they posted the item.

In each of the examples I ultimately received and gave positive feedback.

If you do dispute it be aware that Paypal has a 30 day limit on transaction disputes. I would suggest sending a nonthreatening email to the seller of your finding corroded contacts (an attached picture would help). Ask for a refund or partial credit. Tell them you will dispute the transaction if you do not hear from them in a set time frame.
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Here is a bit of advice for leaving feedback on ebay. You have 90 days to the minute to leave feedback on an item/seller/buyer after an item closes. If you are going to leave negative feedback, wait untill the last few minutes left at the end of the 90 days. Then post your feedback. Before the person can respond by doubling back the negative feedback, the item will be closed and they will be unable to flame you.
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