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Bear with me as I learn to use this camera. This is my great grandfather's camera. It is a Kodak. There are interchangeable backs. It can take roll film, or sheet film. I have all of the parts for it. There is a roll of unexposed film in it with a date of 1907 penciled in on it. There is a ground glass focusing plate, (not included here and several sheet film holders.) I consider it the most precious memento from my family. I have cropped, resized, level adjustment and unsharp. Let me know what you think.
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The irony is that these folders actually - under the right circumstances (outdoors, lots of light), take better pictures than the modern ones because there's just no comparison between large and medium format film resolution, which just blows away anything a CCD is able to produce.

I bought an Agfa folder camera from the late-50's from eBay. I gave the bellows, which had many leaks, a lick and a promise using a solution of Elmer's glue, black dye, and diswashing liquid, then ran a roll of 120 medium format roll film through it. Got it developed last week. The pictures were just wonderful. Relatives already asked my for blow-ups and dupes. There's just something about the images it produces... softer? contrastier? gradients more subtle? Can't put my finger on it. I am going to have it CLA's and new bellows put on it soon...

Beautiful camera... That was the "FZ-20" of its day!
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great picture of one hell of an heirloom! you're fortunate to have such a treasure, and in such good shape, too. hang onto that one!!
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Very nice photo torgrot of a really intertesting subject. Can't beat that combo!
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