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thanks tb1, thats the same statement in the fz15 manuel.

So anyway I have been using mode 1 now and it seems to be working much more consistantly than mode 2.

Does panasonic do firmware updates?
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FWIW... You're not the only person who seems to have had issues with the OIS-2 mode. This is a C&P from a Washington Post Photographer. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv...per/040311.htm
...who felt that he got better results from the simpler OIS-1 system. He's talking about the FZ-10.
__________________________________________________ _

The FZ-1 got any number of deserved raves besides mine, even if some reviewers balked at the camera's skimpy 2 megapixel pedigree...For me, this was a classic case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." ... And my principal disappointment with (The FZ10) was with its optical image stabilization: the very feature that thrilled me on its predecessor...

But the biggest disappointment for me was in OIS – optical image stabilization. Try though I might, I could not get the FZ-10's OIS to work as well as the system on the predecessor FZ-1.

They are, in fact, two separate systems. The FZ-1's was comparatively simple – albeit ingenious, employing internal gyroscopes that sense motion. When activated, and especially when shooting at full zoom (i.e.: when you need OIS most), the FZ-1 made it feel as if you were working in slow motion. The normal tendency of an extreme zoom lens to accentuate the effect of lateral movement simply was minimized, if not eliminated altogether on the FZ-1. It was as if my arms were suddenly encased in semi-set Jello (this is a good thing when shooting at 420mm) and the pictures I got were sharp as tacks.

The FZ-10 boasts a somewhat different system, reportedly using two separate motors, and even offers you two separate modes of OIS, one that is continuous, another that kicks in just as the picture is snapped.

Granted, I was able to make better pictures at full zoom with the FZ-10's OIS than without. [See example I've presented here.] But neither of the FZ-10's systems, I'm afraid, worked as well for me as the simpler system on the FZ-1.
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Thanks for the read!

I've just been chaseing a fly around and I must say mode 1 is growing on me fast. I switched to mode two for a few shots, and immediately thought yuck upon seeing the image jittering around. 2 out of 3 images turned out blurred in mode 2 btw. as opposed to 1 out of about 10 blured in mode 1.

Hehe, I don't even care mode 2 doesn't seem to work now! :?
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