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Few points/questions:

1. Nice pics... did you use noise reduction sw? Very clean for this so-high-it's-stupid iso...

2. Took some pics with an old MF folder I bought on eBay, that I just got back (the film) a couple weeks ago. WOW. You're spot on about MF. I want to buy another camera this year. Now I'm torn between the D70 and a pro MF. The only thing with MF is development costs. Yeesh! Do photographers make any money, or does it all go to the lab?

3. I wouldn't consider the Canon because (correct me if I'm wrong...) it has a mechanical shutter. The D70 is the only DSLR with an electronic shutter. I like this because I think electronic shutters are "just better" imo. No wear, and (more importantly) you can synch the shutter at all speeds, a feature taken for granted on virtually any digicam.

Keep postin' your Canon shots! Not to speak for everyone, but I don't think anyone cares here. Definately do so when you get your first paid gig. : )


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May want to keep an eye out for the new D50 and D70s thats due pretty soon as they too may have an electronic shutter. Price wise I'm not sure where it'll come in but it could be lower than the current D70 - here's a link




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Fantastic Nancy. My favourite type of photographs are things you don't see every day - this qualifies in spades!
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Old Apr 5, 2005, 8:55 AM   #14
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Very nice captures, Nancy.

Given your setup and shutter speed, I think you did admirably well!

Your photo reminds of the photo of a Navy jet breaking the sound barrier as photographed by a USN Photographer. (Wish I could provide a link for it so you could see what I mean but don't have one. It is on navy.mil somewhere!)

Also, you had the "previsualization" down...you "saw" your photo before it happened.

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Interesting shot. Get it...........shot. A quick note on the Nikon D70, it has a mechanical shutter at speeds 1/125 and lower. The electronic shutter kicks in about 1/250 and up.
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No noise reduction, Nick, but the guys over at the Canon forum all use neat image for their ISO 3200. But for viewing it isn't that noticeable. If I printed it, it would probably look very noisy, but I haven't printed the 3200 stuff yet.

Thank you all for your input, and quality wise, these aren't the greatest, I just liked the fact that I was able to get the shot. I will post 'em as I shoot 'em.
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Old Apr 6, 2005, 1:55 PM   #17
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Nancy Gabby wrote:
Lovelife did you have to quote the whole post? and why do you use pretty font, are you striving for attention?and why do you have two user names on the forum? And how come you lie about post processing?

Gabby, I'm wondering, like lovelife lovelife lovelife How fast of a shutter do you think you could have gotten away with? Enjoy the new camera, looking forward to seeing some night shots.

(Are you sure this isn't a closeup of a really excited clown?)
I think the picture needed a shutter speed of about 1/180 of a second with manual focus andexposure preset on thecanon tip.The first shot picked up 5 flash bursts from the behind the canon.
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Difficult shot to pull off, not enough light to freeze the action, a pro would have used flash (assuming the flash had the reach)
I only see blurs emmanating from the canon.
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lovelife....the lens was wide open and the ISO was 3200. There is no way to get 1/180 shutter speed. :?
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