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My goodness, no wonder your first shot came out like it did! Numer one rule of using macro mode is to be at full wide angle...do not use zoom at all. That way you can get in at up to 5cm from the subject and take your shots. The whole point of macro mode is so you can get very close to the subject. And yes, in low light such as that you should have used flash. Try again with flash ON and macro ON but completely zoomed out to wide angle.

Oh BTW ignore the troll, Kodak cameras have got absolutely nothing on the FZ line...in my experience, and most will agree, Kodak cams are not the best in just about ANY category whether it be ultra compact, zoom, or whatever. You have chosen well.
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Nice! Definitely notice the improvement of the photo, Nooner. Stupid question, what is PP?

So that I understand what you said clearly, I should use spot mode as well as center weighted meteringfor exposure if I want to capture multiple objects?Is any mode (P,A, S, M) ok if I want tobracket the shot? I will take more shots tomorrow for sure and throughout the weekend. Thanks!
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PP=post processing in this case Photoshop. You can bracket in all those modes. If you zoom in macro you'll lose focus.There was enough light in that pic as you can see. In auto the camera chose f6.3, 1/800. Maybe put it in A and use f2.8 to let in enough light and help with depth of field. Spot focus is to capture one object to focus on. Pattern focus is for a more an overall focus. Center weighted metering takes in more of the frame to gauge light. If objects are at different distances from you, you can't really have all of them in focus especially for close ups. BTW I didn't ask about Michigan.:G
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This is an article I've been studying lately that has helped meunderstand more about photography andgetting more out ofmy camera. It's not a quick read, but it's well worth the effort taken to read carefully and more than once. Hope it helps.

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