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Nancy Gabby wrote:
That's nothin', Nick, you should see the posts on the Canon forum from me, they should re-name me, "Shoot her in the head and she'll keep talkin" Nancy.* And I won't die until I know everything there is to know about that darn 20D camera.

I like your cameras, Nick.* I almost miss shooting film.* You should post some shots that your daughter took, kids always have a great eye.* My little niece (above) takes better pics than me, but child labor laws prevent me from employing her.* Plus, she doesn't drive my car too good.* And I tell her, "No dessert until you practice driving Aunt Nancy's Avalon!"
I think I will always own a film camera. the more manual the better. Different experience. Slower, more contempative. Love shooting with that old folder too. It's fun to play with a lightmeter again, and play around with 50 year old equipment. Damn if that thing didn't take some great pics. Nothing exciting, family group shots... but everyone who saw them commented how nice they were, and wanted dupes. 6X6 - looked like little post cards. They're not as sharp as the digitals but you can really tell the difference in gradients... more subtle, and natural. Hard to put your finger on.

My daughter's first outing was good for a first effort - and I'm proud of her, but nothing really post-worthy. This camera is manual-manual. Manual ap, (mechanical) shutter, load it the old fashion way, manual focus, rewind film by hand, set the film speed yourself (or you're screwed), no motors or electronics in it what-so-ever except for a meter that gives you a + (over) - (under) or a o (correct exposure...).

However, she's learning the art of rapid ring rotation in true manual shooter fashion. Little slow... but not bad. That's still the best way to learn photography, imo. It's also fun as heck. Loved that old K-mart special. It has decent lens too! Stops down to 1.7 - not super sharp, but produces pleasing somewhat contrasty images. Took some nice pics with it over the years. Fun to see her using it, better than it being moth-balled.

Avalon's a sweet set of wheels. At least Auntie Nancy drives in style. :G
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I was thinking about one thing we haven't talked about is the advantage of using RAW with the dslr. I've used with it my Canon S30 and it really does open up a lot of processing possibilities. It gives a file that is just like what the camera sees before it processes the image to JPEG. So if you goofed a setting or two you still have the chance to correct it. It takes more memory, but you can always delete or compress the bummers and with the ones you save have a great fresh palette to work with. 2cents.
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Thanks for the info Nancy.
I have been thinking long and hard about going dSLR and your comments have confirmed what I was thinking, bang for buck the FZ range is amazing. I will be hanging on to my FZ10 for a long time, or until Pana releases a real upgrade and fixes the issues with the range. The new 4/3 systems are interesting and I would love to see them put a CMOS detector in one of those systems, CCD's really dont seem to be the way to go.

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No prob, TM. I just keep thinking that a year or two from now, cleaning the sensors on the dslrs will be equivalent to bloodletting! But cameras are improving so rapidly, it is a very exciting time, and it keeps us all on our toes.

And Nick, I learned to take pics with my dad's Zeiss Ikon, also all manual, probably around the age of 9, too. Yes the Avalon is great. I was tempted to get the Lexus ES300, but it is pretty much a Camry with a designer name. The Avalon is a much better car, and $10k cheaper. Might trade it in for the new Avalon. I like the idea of DVD audio, GPS, and of course, that new car smell!
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Nancy - I thought you said your FZ20 didn't have spot trouble. And what are those all over your neice's face?:blah: ts
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