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The sensors in the Lumix are really small ;-)
The FZ1 has the smallest 6.6mm diagonal.
'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ''''''
The internals of a Digi Cam, a lot in there ;-)
This well worth a look, the complexity is amazing.
To me they tend to look throw away if out of warranty,parts cost are always high.
These are not classics like the old film SLR's.

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Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
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Nice read and now I think I know what sensor types and sizes are .. not that I'm into sensors.


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Cool link. Thanks.
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Film still has its place. I just posted on another thread how I've been shooting as much with my old film cameras, especially my old medium format folder, as I am with the digital. Shooting is more fun with film to me. But I like the post and printing aspect of digital.

Great link. Love reading up on this stuff. Facinating.
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