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I have 7 questions about Panasonic DMC-FZ5 and Casio EX P-505

1st: I would like to know if any of the two camera mentioned (Casio P505/Panasonic FZ5) are able to do Wide-angle functions. It allows taking panoramic shots, which camera can do this?

2nd: Which camera is Faster (meaning more light can come in per second). How do you look at the shutter. Is the min shutter slower the better?

3rd: I have heard from owners of the Casio EX P-505 that there is no continues drive, so from shot to shot it needs 2-3 seconds. Is this true? Does the Panasonic suffer the same fate? How many shots can you take for the Panansonic FZ5 continuously?

4th: Is it important to have a viewfinder? Since LCD can be difficult to use outdoors. Is there such thing as a true daylight visible LCD yet.

5th: Does the Panansonic FZ5 have pre-programmed scene modes. If Yes, how many pre-programmed scene modes they have?

6th: Is the Flash of the Casio weak? Is the Panasonic Flash powerful enough that it does not requires a hotshoe and also does the panasonic have a flash assist like the Casio?

7th: Lastly, tell me in your own plain words, Which digital camera is better? I mean, Which would you all say you prefer?

P.S.: I have Developed photos from DCRESOURCE samples. Both are comparable except that the Casio seems more... eh, saturated(Colourful). The Panasonic also produced great colours too!

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I don't own either camera and you are probably going to be hard pressed to find someone with such intimate knowledge of both cameras who can answer your questions, however, this might be helpful: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/comp...5&show=all

The things that immediately jump out at me from that comparison are:
Casio zoom is 5x vs Panasonic 12x
Panasonic has image stabilization, Casio doesn't
Casio has manual focus, Panasonic doesn't
Casio has better movie options
Casio has no viewfinder, Panasonic does
Casio has no uncompressed format, Panasonic has TIFF
Casio has slightly bigger LCD but with only 2/3rds of the pixels that Panasonic uses
Casio looks to be smaller and lighter

Edited to remove evidence of old age creeping up on me.
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I believe beernutz meant Casio not Canon.
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nooner wrote:
I believe beernutz meant Casio not Canon.

Doh, brainfart. Yes, I was looking at a page with Casio written all over it and still wrote Canon in my summary. Thanks for the correction nooner.
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I'll answer a couple of your questions:

Q1: FZ5 is 36mm equivalent at wide angle 1x, P505 is 38mm, slight advantage to Panasonic. Both camerasare threaded to accept filters or wide angle conversion lenses (Panasonic uses an attaching adaptor ring, Casio hasthe end of the lens threaded). Neither camera has panoramic shot modes, they have to be done outside the camera using software.

Q3: FZ5 has a burst mode with 3 settings--H (4 pix/second for 7 to 11 pix depending on picture compression), L (2 pix/sec for 7 to 11 pix) and Infinity (2 pix/second for as many pix as you can get onto your SD card).A high speed SD card is a mustif you want tomake use of the latter.

Q4: I'd say a viewfinder is a must for bright daylight, and also for sports action, panning, burst mode etc, for following the subject.You can see from this other Panasonicthread http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=23that most users prefer the EVF over LCD. A tilting LCD is a great feature and abig plus for the Casio, but you can't do without an EVF.

Q7: Ultimately depends onyour photographic goals and needs, but I would pick the FZ5 hands down.Features such aslonger zoom, image stabilization, EVF, burst mode, are huge pluses. Also, on-line reviews generally indicate much better image quality with FZ5. Regarding image stabilization, it's remarkably effective; I've been able to take hand held indoor low-light pictures at 1/4 second shutter speed, orfull zoom at 1/30 sec, and they've come out razor sharp. Farfewer rejected pictures because of camera shake.

Hope that helps.
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Coming back to the Casio EX-P505, can anyone tell me the maximum capacity SD card it can handle? I got a nice high speed 2 GB card not long ago and it seems to work OK, but last weekend I went to a photo shoot where I really tested it for the first time, and it gave up with a card error after about 1 GB (approx. 600 photos). And now I an offer for a 4 GB SD cards fluttered into my mailbox. It sounds good, but would it work in my camera?
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