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There is an exposure indicator in Manual mode that indicates -2 - +2 EV and all in between. I use it to determine correct exposure.

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During the design stage, Panasonic obviously had their easons to go this route. It would appear that some people do use/like this feature. HOWEVER, most do not, so, in future models why not have the option of using the "feature" or having a button that will gain up the displays?

As a relative newbi to the site, it is nice to see Bob on here, but I have to say Bob that to be fair, Pana do not seem to be "listening" to their target audience - ie the enthusiast. With the advances made by Canon and others (Please don't tell me Pana were not aware of what others are working on) it does seem strange that in the new Z4/5 no attempt was made to adres this, the biggest single bone of contention.

Update the display (and possibly decrease the noise a little)and Canon will still be struggling to keep up with Pana...

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yeah, I know what you mean treemonkey, but Im not just talking about correct exposure, im talking about your desired exposure. Could be 2 different things, however I know the point your making. Like I said, would be great for auto modes, or like another user suggested, an option you could turn on and off would be nice.
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I'm the owner of an FZ20 since mines 1 month and I realized the big problem about the pith black in low light. Somebody advise me to gain up the LCD but it didn't works in low light,. Taking pictures is very hard when it's no possibility to see what you shoot !!!

I really don't understand this feature. For more, nothing about this problem in the press.
So I don't know what to do. Can I hope Panasonic will finally propose us a firmware update ?
Ok, bob sayed that he noticed the FZ20 users comments and will make update for next models of panasonic. But what can we do with on 1/2 camera ?
Must we buy on second camera specialy to shoot inside ? I think it's not normal. For this time, I really have the impression to have been stolen. I asked me if I have to sell my FZ20, but it will be a pity because for the rest, the quality of the FZ20 is really unmistakable.

for ending, I present you my apologies about my language. As I'm french, and as I'm a bad student, my english level isn't very good...

Best regards... A really disappointed user of fz20
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