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Very good, informative article. Thanks for posting. Hmmm.
I was "anti-DSLR" mainly because I thought them absurdly expensive. Now that's changing. ... maybe I'll stick with my film slr, throw some 800 or 1000 speed film in for those instances where its needed, and just scan the negatives? :G

Couse you can read "the other side" - the "pro" DSLR side of the equasion here: DSLRs vs Point-n-Shoot: http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/2dig.htm

Good idea to read both these articles to get a complete picture (pardon the pun...)

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Now this is getting a wee bit hard to work out :? . Personally if I go for dslr like the D50 or the Pans DSLR it will be for doing portraits and when indoors and the light will be poor. I don't see my self buying more than one additional lens.

Apparently, if your living in singapore the price of the LC1 is now down to $500 and that is a steal. So please if your in singapore buy one for me please!


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Re HarjTT post there is also part V

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