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I have access to an equatorial mount 6" reflector with tracking drive. I'm wondering about the possibility of using the FZ5 with it.

At first glance, this would seem to not be a workable idea. I'm thinking like this: no manual focus, and not as good low light performance as film or even a DSLR, and the longest possible exposure is just 8 seconds.

Am I wrong? Has anyone done it?

Also, I don't know how to connect it. I see various things for sale to connect digcams to telescopes, but they all require a "T adaptor" which does not seem to exist for the FZ5, as far as I can find.

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I have taken a dozen pic's of the heavens (FZ20), and the exposure time is enough to catch even very weak magnitude objects; if you got the tracking device (which I haven't ) Lack of zoom (and gain up display) is more of a problem for astro shot's. My fz20 AF sometimes does, and sometimes doesn't get the focus right; and it requires a really brightstar. Manual focus is a must... (or focus on the moon, and keep the shutter halfway pressedwhile aiming for the desired subject). Itmight be, that if you screw a teleconverter on, the stars are magnified enough to be agood focus point for the AF.

I've no experience with mounting an FZ to a telescope (would be darn cool though )

Have a good one!

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I think you should forget about mounting the FZ5 to take photos thru the telescope. The T adapter is only for direct focusing onto the detector of a DSLR. To take photos thru the 'scopes optical path, you would have to couple the camera to the eyepiece. In that mode, you would get serious darkening of the corners of the photo. Granted you could always crop down to the useable center, but a camera with a smaller diameter lens such as the Nikon CP995 is much prefered. http://www.birdforum.net/forumdisplay.php?f=243has a lot of good pointers, they use spotting scopes with digital cameras attached to take bird photos. It is more practical to use a FZ in the piggy back mode on a tracking telescope to get astro photos using the 12X zoom maybe with a teleconverter like the Oly TCON17. Again, the lack of manual focus would bite you from behind. Tom
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