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Yeah, those were taken the same day. I still haven't purchased the filter yet. There is a Ritz Photo at the local mall so I'll go down and pick one up.

IrfanView is the freebie I use for resizing and it offers various resampling filters, including Lanczos, B-Spline, etc.

When I really start getting into it I might consider purchasing PS.

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fmoore wrote:
Wagg wrote:
I spoke with a guy with $2000+Canon and huge telephoto lensand he said something about my Lumix being a nice camera as long as I don't try to print out anything higher than 4x6"s.
Bullshit. The fz5will get youexcellent 16x20 prints. Your new posts are still overexposed. I guess they were taken the same day.
have you tried printing 16x20 from the FZ5, Fred? I wasn't sure if 5Mp was enough for that large a print... i thought 11x14 was about tops for the FZ20/FZ5... as for the comment about the Lumix not being good beyond 4x6, that's complete cowpuckey... the FZ1 will make perfect 8x10's. heck, even my ex-wife's little LC33 will make very nice 8x10's, and it hasn't nearly the optics the FZ'z have...

i ran into a guy with one of those mega-bux DSLRs, and although he could shoot faster, and with less noise and more pixels, he was very impressed with the optics on the FZ, and really liked the idea of being able to use that wide a zoom range without lugging a howitzer around on his tripod. he was even more impressed when i told him the FZ20 made sharper, clearer enlargements than my 35mm SLR ever did.

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