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My FZ10 does that green overcast too - esp if theres a lot of tree's, grass etc - Ive got around that by using a manual wb. Looks like your PS on the pic is spot on.

The guy with the 2 DLSR's looks as if hes shrinking under the weght of carrying that huge lens and 2 bodies!

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Good photos, I can't believe that guys lens, what sort of zoom is that it's like a telescope, I bet he could shoot a couple of shots of Mars with that!

As for white balance I never thing the preset balances are much good. At the end of the day those are the options the camera is designed to choose from and it's probably better at fine tuning them for the situation than I am! Unless you are using manual white balance (the best option) then keep it on auto and let the camera do the work, in outdoor situations like that it should do it perfectly...
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Apnomis - well said, manual WB would have been the best. I didn't have a card or good area to make the adjustment. There was a camera crew from The Golf Channel walking around. They stopped near me and a guy held up a white card while the camera man set the WB on the Vid Cam. I held mine up to "borrow" his card but couldn't get through the menus before they were done. I just missed out as usual

Thanks for the compliment by the way. The photographer had quite the setup. I got a decent look at one of his cameras which was a Canon EOS-1D or in that class of camera. HUGE body. He was walking around with some serious bucks on him.

Thanks again
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