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I took this picture in macro mode, without the aid of a closeup lens. The spider is about 1/2 centimetre in length. I was about25 cm / 10 inches away from the subject and camera was set at 2x zoom. Slight cropping was done as well as ppimage sharpening. This was the best I could achieve. At any higher zoom I could not focus on the subject. Any tips on how to improve this shot? I plan on getting a closeup lens, but until then macro mode on my FZ20 will have to suffice.
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the macro setting on the fz20 only works at 1x zoom
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some better lighting would have helped this pic , even tho you cant get real close (around 4" from target in macro) the lighting would have helped bring out the detail of the spider . Ive taken alot of macro's with a 3 1/2" handheld magnifying glass untill i recieved my DCR250 :|
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I too have had problems with using zoom on macro shots. Any move beyond 3x, the focus is lost. How nice it would be to just zoom the subjectto the size you want and then clearly focus on it! Alternately, once you identify a subject and focus on it, you should be able to zoom it upto the camera's range, ie. 12X for FZs. I wonder if all digicams are like this.
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There are not many cameras that allow the full use ofmacrothrough the entire zoom range. Some with so called "Super macro" are getting there though.

Throw on a closeup attachment and its a whole new ball game. That physically changes the focal length to allow it.


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