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Since we have a number of new fz1 (and fz1v2) users, Ithought that perhaps a repeat of the following ir tutorial from Feb 18would be useful. Furthermore, the 55mm Hoya r72 ir filter is currently on clearance for $28.80 with free shipping at [/i]http://www.2filter.com/prices/clearance.html Excellent price for an excellent lens. The original post is at http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=23
WARNING: Infrared photography can be addictive.

The FZ1 and FZ2 are the only fz series cameras sensitive enough to infrared lightfor decent ir photography. The strength of the internal ir blockers on the later fz series cameras render them essentially useless for ir work. Below are the basics for taking handheld ir photos with the FZ1 and FZ2.

  1. 1. A Hoya r72 ir filter is needed. Preferably 55mm since that is the diameter of the lens adapter. ~$40 [/*]
  2. 2. Bright sunlight is required since the r72 is a dark red filter and shutter speeds of 1/10 – 1/30 sec are the norm even in bright sunlight. Also look for nice billowing clouds and good foliage. At shutter speeds of 1/20 even a slight breeze will blur the foliage so look for calm weather. [/*]
  3. 3. In order to get 1/20 sec shutter speeds you will need to set the iso to 200 and ev compensation to –2/3. [/*]
  4. 4. With the r72 attached to the camera, set the white balance manually to the ambient light. This is critical. Otherwise, the resulting image will have a strong reddish hue. [/*]
  5. 5. Shoot in normal color mode; ie, with color effect off.
Here is an image straight from the fz1 using this proceedure.


[align=left]A simple manipulation of this image using the Channel Mixer and Auto Levels adjustment in Photoshop can enhance the image considerably to more recognized ir colors. Here is that proceedure.

[align=left] 1. With the image opened in PS, select Image/Adjust/Channel Mixer. Set OutputChannel Red to: Red 0%, Green 0%, and Blue 100%. Set Green to Red 0%, Green 100%, and Blue 0%. Set Blue to Red 100%, Green 0%, and Blue 0%. This just simply reverses the Red to Blue and the Blue to Red. Hit OK.[/align]

[align=left] 2. Hit Ctrl+Shift+L toaccept Auto Levels.


[align=left]Here is the result of that manipulation.



[align=left]The use of a tripod will allow for iso50 andhigher apertures with shutter speeds in the 1-2 sec range. This will increase the quality of the shot. For those who travel light and prefer handheld (myself included), noise reduction software such as NeatImage is very beneficial. Applythe noise reduction before the Channel Mixer and Levels and then sharpen last for best results.[/align]
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Thank You!
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Dear Fmoore!
I'm not involved in IR photography ( really sorry that, but I have an FZ10), but I would like to thank you the tons of help and information what you share us. Really appreciate it.
Thanks a lot
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