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Could anyone advise me what would be the best free PP program. I use Photoshop 7 usually but find it sometimes a bit slow when just wishing to resize and optimize for the net...
I have noticed many people here using Picasa which I downloaded today but which inexplicably crashes in my pc. Everytime I have tried after about ten max pictures the pc crashes...Never happens in photoshop!
Picasa is very easy to use except for the horrendous way it goes to overwrite your original file if you are not careful! Their vocabulary is strange and I lost a few originals (on pc ...luckily still on cd! phew!) because when you go to save it just goes to overwrite your file without giving you a chance to change name etc. Then I discovered that you have to "export" to a picasa folder etc.
Seems a very strange method! That and the fact that my pc just does not like it! (neither do I as I never ...knock on wood....crash usually! So the second of black screen nearly gives one a heart attack!).
Please advise!
Here one of first attempts at picasa trickery combined with added diffusion in photoshop...

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I had the same experience with picasa which is why I removed it from my computer.. Re photoshop, why don't you just set up an action for your resize?? Then run a batch process on a given directory and save them to another directory.. Very simple to do.. That is, if all you want to do is resize them..

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i have Picasa 2 and have not had any problem with it overwriting files. nor do you have to export to a Picasa folder to save edited images. it saves the image under the same filename, in the original folder the image was stored in, but with a "1" at the end. if you modify it again, it saves with a "2" and so on. check your file folders, you've probably got those files saved in addition to, not instead of, your originals... i have also never had issues with it crashing my PC... it doesn't do some of the things that Photoshop does, of course, but for a free program it seems to offer quite a lot, and works well.

if all you need sometimes is resizing, some editing, and file management, Irfanview is an excellent free program. it lets you resize, crop, perform some basic edits like color balance, saturation, contrast, sharpness and gamma correction/brightness, and also works as a handy image viewer you can set up to use as your default viewer for a variety of image file types.
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Here's a good free program that I really like.


They also have a good resize program for free. Good programs.

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