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some VERY nice shots there! that pic of Fat Albert (the Angels C-130 support plane) taking off under JATO assist is great ! i've seen that performance, it truly is amazing to watch that big, lumbering Herc just"jump" off the runway and climb at such a steep angle.. normally, those things climb about as fast as a Cessna 172! you captured it very well!

very nice shot of the Angels formation, too... nice and tight, good angle. good shot in spite of the weather! i can see i'm gonna have to take my FZ20to an airshow sometime this summer... if it gets pics like those, it'll be well worth it!

i worked onA-6's and P-3's myself while i was in the navy, so i have something of a soft spot for some of the older planes. i'dreally like to see some flight demos of the older jets... the F-101s (i did see those numerous times, 409 Squadron out ofComox, BC, used to flythem at airshows here), F-104's, A-4's andmaybe even some of the F-5 "Aggressor" aircraft - those would make some killer photos... for that matter, the old WWIIwarbirds would be great to capture as well. yep, that does it... i definitely gotta get to an airshowsometime this year...

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Dang, you can almost see the faces of the pilots in the F-16 and the Sabre jet! Great captures!
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That third shot reminds me of a "Wings" show that profiled the C-130. Can you believe that the Navy actually put a hook on one, landed it on a carrier, and launched it using JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off)! This experiment was done only once, but the JATO has been used all over the world for short field take off.
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