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After 66 views on the dcresource board, no one has taken a shot at answering this question for me. Maybe they are being kind and don't want to embarrass me for being so dumb as to miss something obvious, I don't know. The question is this;

I've noticed that when I shoot in spot-focus mode, sometimes I get 4 corners that appear in the center of the EVF and "bracket" the center portion of the picture. It doesn't happen everytime, just some of the time.

What is the centered area for, and what makes it appear some of the times and not others? I get 2 beeps (good thing) when it appears, but sometimes when I get 2 beeps it does not appear.
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Does it happen if you hold the shutter down halfway for a bit? I was thinking that if you are not waiting until the camera tells you it is focused, you might not get a box with a dot at the top to show you it is focused. The reason it might be intermittent is that some situations will take longer to focus than others..and you may be hitting it right away in some cases, and holding it long enough to focus in others. Just off the top of my head.


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