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Narmer wrote:
FZ10 was already a jewel when it cam out.
FZ20, out in late Summer 2004, suffered for much noise owing to the 1 more Mp on the same FZ10 sensor.
Great cam too, faster, but reatining the yellowish cast in mostWB (I fear also in manual one) and many more small issues. It can take great pics but forces to spend more time in PP...
FZ15, fast and cheap, but no Hotshoe.
FZ5, no yellow cast, less noise, smallerbut no Hotshoe.

Thanks Narmer for your inputs...But does FZ5 has lesser noise than FZ15/20...It might be a known topic...but somehow I have not come across this comment...and I knew that FZ15/20 has a more reddish cast on skin tone...which actually some prefer for potraits as that is more soothing...So Does FZ5 have more natural skin tones?
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