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i like the results Narmer , the skyline below the cloud was the original color i presume . I really like a deep blue sky as it brings out the whole picture and its appealing to look at . I also like how you put the focus on the tree and surrounding area while the rest is slightly blurred how did you pull that off ?
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Thank you Pappy.

I cannot post the original because (contrarily to how I am used) I made NR and color enhancement to the original 5Mp picture saving it, so the original is lost.
I forgot to mention that I took this, and other pics I ll post in next hours, with my FZ20 from a car in motion.

Blur brush with Photoshop.
The trick is that, you pass the Blur BRUSH at its 100% effect value on the foreground, and then you diminish the effect toeards 10% as you go painting the upper lines, advancing towards the in focus areas.
This can be also don with Quick mask, and applying the Blur EFFECT with always lower intensity as you proceed towards the area of focus.

Another example, in which I did the last thing to simulate high aperture on dSLR.
This was taken in Pompei, south Italy
(PS maybe itwould have been good and easy to clone away the iron wire on the statue, but i forgot to do that)

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