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Our Wal-Mart SC does send some film out for processing. I just think its odd to me that they say they have no demand for slide film. So, they don't carry it. I'll get around to checking out the slide thing more someday, maybe. I'd like to become more proficient with the FZ20 and perhaps get so I can do something in an imaging program beyond Picasa. I've an unopened MS Digital Image Pro 10 I'm going to have a look at. I'm more amazed by the photos I've gotten with the FZ20 than any other camera I've had. Again, I don't print anything or have it printed. There are always trade-offs, individual needs, likes, dislikes, and so on. If I'm flat wrong. I'm more than glad to be corrected. I'don't always know what I need; but, I sure know what I like, whether its mine or yours. You guys have been an inspiration. I appreciate being able to see what others have done. There are better scanners than an 1800, better cameras than FZs, better film developing facilities than Wal-Mart. We all know that. I'm not up for a challenge nor much into bull, even if I understood it. I'm trying to share some very limited experience with tose who may not have had even that. This is a one room school house. That little scanner showed me people and places I've not seen in a couple lifetimes. Thats neet. It does a fairly remarkable job.
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Alan T wrote:
boyzo wrote:
You will need 4800DPI to scan 35mm negs. for best resolution.
When I started filmscanning in year 2000, only a few upmarket scannershad that resolution. I bought an Acer Scanwit with 2720dpi, which I still use occasionally.It still gives me more pixels than my 3 or 5 Mpix digicams, from negs or slides. I typically end up with a 3600x2400 pixel image. Some of these are blown up to very large sizes and hang on our walls, and many of my earlier posts in these forums were from the filmscanner (though I always confessed.)

The only thing wrong with my particular scanner is that it has automatic exposure that you can't switch off, soyou're stuck with tedious & ineffective software twiddling if you want a matched set of images, e.g., for a panorama. You can fix the exposure manually in the camera, but the filmscanner will undo your efforts, and make the sky a different shade on each shot. However, panorama photography is a minority interest, though I love it and have many much-loved examples. See the 'Panoramas & stitching' forum here in Steve's Forums. Digicams do it better and quicker.

Otherwise a 35mm film camera plus a filmscanner is a valuable complement to a digicam. Don't underestimate the work involved, though. I think few folk ever achieve their objective of digitising their archive of negs & slides. I know I'll never get there with my own few tens of thousands, so I've given up trying.

When I send a 35mm film for processing these days, I always ask for the CD as well. However, the quality of the automatic results you get are a bit patchy, I find (all fully automatic, of course). If I want a really good image, I still have to use the filmscanner.

Good luck!

Alan T
Perhaps 4800DPI is overley high ( Iwas reading up on the Nikon drum scanner which is 9600DPI)
Here is a review on the ACER scanwit
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