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From conclusions:

"But ultimately the appeal of the S2 IS goes beyond simple pixel-peeping; it has a class-leading feature set, a very reliable image stabilization system (the benefits of which cannot be overstated) and superb handling. It's well-priced, incredibly versatile and - above all - highly enjoyable to use. For fast action (where the focus system still isn't fast enough), I'd go for the Panasonic FZ5, and it will be interesting to see how the Sony H1 fares in our upcoming review, but for sheer shooting pleasure and versatility the PowerShot S2 IS takes some beating"
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Thansk for posting.. just going to check the review.. from the conclusion it loosk as if its some serious competition for the FZ's.


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I confess that I have had a temptation to associate S1IS to my FZ20...

The former is smaller, more portable, has "Canon Colors" vivid mode, 4 stilo batteries, and an unbelievable macro.

However, FROM THE FIRST PICS I HAVE SEEN, it seems that S2 has some Image Quality problems.
As the Test in DPReview clearly shows, more noise, less resolution, more CA and PF, worse Auto WB than FZ5.

So , having my FZ20, which has some slightly better features than FZ5 and some slightly worse, I think this is an useless purchase.

As the FZ10 - FZ20 passage has already shown, these CCD size are critical ones.
S1IS suffered far less in Noise, CA and "Highlights burn outs" than its successor, although the latter has better resolution.

I fear that, with such lenses and CCDs, the more you go with zoom and pixels the harder it gets to get rid of noise and to achieve a good DYnamic range balance when the scenes have strong lights and shadows in them.

So it's better to stay as I am, with FZ20 for Tele and macro shots and my old Canon A300 (no optical zoom but 33mm and a great capability to preserve details in shadows and in bright skies when they re in the same pic)...

Maybe I ll substitute the Canon with a better A model, always powered by NiMh stilos and with 3-4x zoom...

I doubt that S2IS will give some bad time to Lumix FZ10-15-20-4:
The latter are at least as good as S2Is (which has only a few better features than Lumixs) and Panasonic made them far before Canon...
None of them is perfect, but I fear that Canon has missed the train here, it is still behind the traces of Lumix, which actually leads (and after all deserves to lead) the market of compact stabilized Ultrazooms.

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... Good cam, has the Canon name, but it's a "me too". Still holding on to the FZ1v2, which I adore, prints fine up to 8X10, does IR - which outweighs any and all additional bells and whistles on new cameras made by Panasonic or others in my book... and it's small, nice and light.

Won't upgrade until there's a breakthrough in providing a better clean ISO range - at least to a usable 400 if not 800, at a reasonable cost. 'till then, my FZ1v2 is my digital, and I'll stick with my assortment of 35mm and medium format film cams for natural light or low/light no-flash, black and white, portraits, or when I want to control depth of field.
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