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snl Jun 22, 2005 2:01 PM

I already checked that the trigger voltage of Sigma EF-500 is safe for fz20. Can any model in EF-500 range be used with fz20 without needing additional adapter and which one are they (Sigma, Nikon, Canon, Minolta)?

There are some additional features on EF-500 DG Super which EF-500 DG ST doesn't have such as wireless flash, stroboscope mode, high-speed sync for shutter speed above 1/200s, rear curtain sync. Will fz20 benefit from any of these additional features?

Sorry for a newbie question. From the specification EF-500 doesn't seem to have auto f-stops, do I need this to work with fz20?

Thank you.

Dassie Jun 24, 2005 8:31 PM

OK this is not directly related, but I have tried a friends Canon Lightspeed (it costs more than my FZ20 :lol:)

You can manually set the power if you want which is nice as it is very powerful, much more than my Sunpak 544. I assume the Sigma does the same. The canon flash is very confusing to use manually with the display on the back (read: i was just pushing buttons and turning dials)

Strobe is a very nice feature,I have used this at night to get some very nice shots. Even during daylight the strobe is nice for action shots. If the strobe can work at a good power level even better. The Sunpaks strobe is a little weak at times. If you get used to using the flash manually you can just dial the power setting as with the 544. I have found that during outdoor daylight shots the exact power is not critical and works well as a filler. At night the exact power setting becomes more important. On the other featuresI have no real experience on, so cant comment.

Sorry not exactly what you were looking for, but when i saw this lonely post i had to post a reply to keep it company :-)

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