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i have had this camera for a little over a year now, and i've taken wonderful pictures outdoors with it, but my indoor pics look washed out by the flash, but if i take the flash off, it's blurred like crazy. even on tripod.

any ideas? thanks in advance.

jon ed rowe
[email protected]
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Before anyone can answer your question, what are you taking pictures of?
What are the lighting conditions?

Also, it sounds like you may need an external flash. The F-10 has a flash shoe for this purpose.

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I have an FZ10. I bought an external flash for it but it is a bear to use. With a non-dedicated auto unit you have to use aperture priority or manual exposure. It is almost impossible to frame a shot due to the EVF and LCD darkening. I suspect this "feature" was added to force you to buy a pricey Panasonic dedicated flash unit, which would likely be useable. Some people have suggested framing in auto exposure and then switching to a manual mode to take the shot – hoping someone has not started picking their nose in the meantime. At best that is an inconvenient solution.

The FZ10 flash is pitifully weak. Low light focusing isn't great and manual focus is useless without a readout of the distance you are focused. I love my FZ10 for outdoor photography, but usually use something else for indoor photography at normal room lighting. It isn't a good general purpose family camera IMO.

If you stay within 7 feet of your target the built-in flash is sufficient as long as you can get it focused. You can often find something about equal distance to pre-focus on, and the difference in ambient light doesn't affect the shot much as long as you are within flash range.

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