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set A mode and an aperture of F8.
This will create more problems with shutter speeds, and you will need the flash unless the object is directly or nearly directly brightened by sun (for macro lower the power of the flash of some levels below 0).

F8 will create a longer depth of field than wider apertures, and also less CA, so the undesired effects of an average lens would be reduced.

Set the cam to manual focus (FZ5 does not have manual focus ring but should have a manual focus if I am not wrong, so that you can lock the focus and dont't care about that).
When you find you are close to the focus point (15-20cm ?) then you have to move the camera to and fro of some millimeters...
Without a tripod or with moving targets it becomes a matter of luck, and if you are with flash you can't use the burst mode...

At 12x zoom with a 4+ diopter DOF on FZ20 is few more than 2 mm, so any movement makes you loose the focus point. In the candle pic the flame is not on Focus, the frontal part of the candle is a few more and top of the candle pitch in the middle, which slightly bends inward,is actually more in focus than anything else.

Finally it would be good to put something on the flash, like transparent paper (the lucid one used for drawing) so that you can use more powerful flash bouncing/diffusing the light, which makes far better in macros (some flowers and especially someinsects have very reflective surfaces).

About PP I see that you are already well expert.
I hope this helps

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Thank you so much Narmer! These are really detailed instructions and will be of great help!!!!
In this candle photo I was trying to focus on the glowing bit of the wick as I thought that would be interesting to see how it turns out.
I shall have a look at the manual to see how to set the focus manually...

I am really grateful you took the time to write this all down. Thanks!!!
I will copy and paste your instructions to word so will have it for later!

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The candle shot focus looks good at the center. You really need alot of light with higher power a close-up lens like a +4. The fz5 does not have manual focus so that is not an option. But once you get used to it the auto focus is quite sufficient.
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