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I finally found a solution for being able to take almost unlimited (well up to 40GB) of pictures when travelling wihtout having to traipse around trying to find somewhere to burn photos on cds so I can carry on using my SD cards. Eventhough I have three cards (1GB, 512mb and 256mb) I found that when I was in Japan on myholiday it was nowhere enough space for all the pics one took so I had to look around for somewhere to burn the photos onto cds...which was not an easy task as I do not speak enough Japanese!
On looking around eBay the other day I noticed that some new generation MP3 players have massive storage...new iPods for one...so I bid on a Mustek media player which has 40GB and a largish lcd screen and it has built in SD card reader.
While it cost me £180 ( I will use it for music etc also) I will not be having to worry about losing little extra SD cards or wasting holiday time looking for shops to burn pics on to cd and then worrying if they have compressed them etc....
How do others cope with this problem?

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Hallo jussiuk,

my old card reader destroyed the data on new SD-Cards.
My "update" is a vp3320 - vosonic 80GB Card reader, MP3 Player- storage tank.
There is no viewer onboard, but you can store, restore and verify (!) your data.
All files are transferred to my workstation and deleted as soon as I have two verified backups.
With standard Fuji NP-120 Li-ion Accu it stays alive for 11 hours!

My problems are solved.

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Hi guys.

I just purchased a Dell Axim 50v Pocket PC (PDA) because it absolutely rocks. I realized a side benefit as a FZ20 owner - it has both an SD card slot and a CF type II slot. I am planning on purchasing a 4-8 GB CF microdrive to use it for the same exact reason you guys use the MP3 players, to avoid luggin around a laptop. Plus I have a full-functioning PDA with WiFi, a VGA screen (most PDAs are QVGA at best), and lots of other bells and whistles.

~ Joe
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I have no use for CFII Cards.
But they are a cheap solution for second backups!

thanks noj.
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Yeah, I also use a secondary backup device. I bought a SONY VAIO Pocket (VGF-AP1L) for $239 from eCost.com and it has 40 gigs. I use it to listen to my mp3's and download/view my pics from my FZ1v2. It's way better than lugging my laptop in a photo shoot.
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