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Is there any different between Hama and Hoya multi lens hood? B&H states that Hama is for 24mm-210mm and Hoya is for 35mm-200mm. Does this mean Hama is deeper? Do both of them accept lens cap?

I found that two set up are often recommended.

1. fz20 -> Phayee adapter (1[suP]st[/suP] part) -> 62mm filter -> Phayee adapter (2[suP]nd[/suP] part) -> 72mm hood
2. fz20 -> Phayee adapter (1[suP]st[/suP] part) -> 62mm filter -> 62mm hood

Does one setting have more potential for vignetting and flare than another, or they works equally well?


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i can't offer direct comparison, as i've only used the Hama design, but i have the 62mm hood and use it directly on the end of my Phayee adapter, and it seems to work fine.there's vignetting at about 4x or less zoom, but that's why it's a collapsible hood. neither the Hama nor the Hoya are truly deep enough for the FZ20 at full zoom, but either one will offer a distinct improvement over no hood at all. the set-up using the outer part of the Phayee and the 72mm hood may produce a bit less vignetting, but doesn't really offer any otheradvantage, and requires a larger thread size. ithink the FZ20/Phayee/62mm filter/62mm hood would be the simplest and easiest set-up to use.
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Hi Skyrocket, I have the 72mm Hoya it works quite well. The big difference between the Hama and Hoya is that the Hama has more folds built into it. It will fold flatter and give you a little more versatility. The Hoya is a three position hood for wide angle, regular and telephoto. It will fold down to 1 3/8", the Hama cuts that in half, so if space is a premium in your photo bag, the Hama might be the way to go.

Hope this helps.

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