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I noticed that the reviews are out for the Canaon S2 IS and was wondering how you think it compares to the FZ's.



Steve's Review...


I think it is the first to give the FZ's a run for their money.

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Hey Bob,
Long time no see.

I was looking at those reviews myself as the biggest differences that I can see as as follows.

1. No hot-shoe for an external flash. A Minus (IMO)
2. A slightly slower busrt mode. (Probably negligable)
3. Better movie mode (VGA 30fps) This doesn't really interest me because I figure if you want good movies get a movie camrea.
Other than those few, small differences it seems like a pretty close match for the FZ20's.
Of course I would still like to use one for a while so I could make my own comparisons.

Just one mans opinion,

All the best to you, Happy 4th,

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Old Jul 2, 2005, 11:30 AM   #3
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you forgot to mention:

1. the tilt'n'twist LCD

2. the (much better IMO) 4xAA battery supply

Canon S2 IS vs FZxx is a neverending story... you buy what's suitable for you, the differences are somewhat major but in the end, whichever camera you'd buy, you'll love it (hope so.. i'm gonna buy a fz20 next month:G )
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Old Jul 2, 2005, 12:07 PM   #4
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Hey smac... Nice to hear from ya...

Also don't forget the 15 sec shutter speed, the super macro mode, and the time lapse capability.

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I chose the FZ5 over the Canon S2 and the Sony H1. Was pretty much a matter of preference. Now I just need the money:?
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I've just decided for the fz5 instead of the canon, why

the images of the canon look sharper but if you zoom in you can find purple fringing (if you search for it - and not so much that you would see it in a normal print)

it can take movies at a higher resolution, but only for 15 sec and i don't need movies.

you can replace colors with the canon, if you would want to do this photoshop would do a much better job

it cost's a bit more than the fz5

the swivel display is nice, but i like a viewfinder

My opinion is that for a fz5 and a canon s2 are much the same when it comes to taking pictures.

and then it is just a matter of personal preferences, for me the fz5 looks like a camera and the canon like a Swiss Army knife.
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