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I now have run out of space. The small bag is no more. I have given thought of just carring my Camera with out a bag for it then an equipment bag. Sounds like a lot to keep up with. Any sujestions. What set up do you use. I don't want to look like the paparazzi press going to a baseball game.
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I use the Lowe EX 220 & Nova 4 bags. The little one holds my camera, a stack of filters, battery & charger, card reader. THe big bag holds everything else and right now can even hold the little case as well. I have used the EX to carry my tele & WA lens for trips to the zoo (with the camera out on the neck strap).*This is a fairly versatile setup and I bought both at eBay for about 20$ total.
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i have a bag by Case Logic that holds my camera, batteries, memory cards, filters, hood, and close-up lens quite nicely. it's about 12"x8"x8", with pockets on the outside.

i also find that for most situations, if i know beforehand (i usually do) that i'll need my polarizer and lens hood, i put them on the camera before i leave, stuff a spare battery and maybe a memory card inmy pocket, and i'm set... no need for a bag at all.
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I find a standardfanny pack very useful. The more pockets the better.
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I use the LowePro Nova 2 AW

It takes a little trial and error but here's what I can fit in it:

Fz20 w/Phayee, TCON 14B, WCON 08B, Hoya 72mm hood, Sunpak 383, Nikon 6T, polarizer, remote shutter cable, extra batteries, lens brush. etc.
Attached Images
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I have a backpack made by Tamrac , an expedition 4 ,I think...it is the smaller one

Then I have 2 hard cases I got from Lowes.

And I am grateful I have a pickup or I would have to leave lots of stuff at home :-)

A couple years ago every thing fit in a very small bag...

I can not believe I have acquired so much stuff in about3 years.

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I started with the Nova 2 AW. But, I soon out grew that case and moved up to the Micro Trekker 200 backpack. It's a small Backpack that will comfortably hold my FZ20, Pana LTZ10 Tele, lens hoods, External Flash, Tele Mounting Bracket, Bat. Recharger, and Mono Pod. I love the Backpack aspect of this bag. It's all in what you want.

Good luck,

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i started out as a newb with a bag big enough for the camera :lol: , then i bought another bag that was useless when i got my tele and wa lens's .Now i use a back pak that holds everything :G

FZ20 complete set

TheMAC (home made macro lens using raynox adapter)

2 Tripods

Pana Teleconverter with adapter

Pana Wide angle lens "

10 piece filter collection

Phayee set


Raynox set

Nicon 6t

another raynox adaptermachined to 58mm macro lens

58mm +1 , +3 , +5 , 10xmacro lens

ranox adapter converted to 55 mm with +1 , +3 , +4 lens

remote control

cleaning kit

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I use the Tamrac Adventure 8 backpack. It holds camera, tele lens, flash, tele hood, collapsable hood, filters, cleaning kit,charger, strap, cables, and a rolled up towel to kneel on.

It cost less than the Lowpro and is a bit bigger I think.
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