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Hi Folks! I've been around Internet forums for awhile, chiefly at dcresource, and dpreview. Since I contemplated getting my first Panasonic Zoomer, the FZ1, back in '03, I've been a dedicated Panasonic nut. For awhile, I was the only advocate of FZs on dcresource, with most people "pooh-poohing" my claims of what a great camera it was (is), but now Panasonic has become the most talked-about camera type on that forum.I'm a semi-retired Electronic Engineer, who cut his teeth designing semiconductor memory chips, of the type most¬* people¬* now take for granted in using their computers and cameras, mainly DRAM. Nowadays, I have a shingle out as an expert witness, working on litigation relating to patents in this technology field.I love to take pictures! I am hardly ever without my camera. I love to shoot birds, people, scenery, whatever presents itself. But I also love to sing, which I do as a soloist at weddings, funerals, and other events, and also sing in a chorus.In the future, I'd love to become a better photographer, and I hope I'll gain some inspiration through new associations like this one!
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Hola John !!

Glad to have u on board.. <sounds a we bit like captain kirk..>


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Hi John nice to see you here and Welcome. The Panas are highly regarded in this Forum and some ardent FZ1v2 users too

Post some images John.......we would love to see them

One from downunder

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It's nice to have you join the forum.Since you've been a contributor intwo other Panasonic forums, you have a head-start over many newcomers.I look forward to your input and photos. Welcome!

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Hello, John, and welcome. Great to have you aboard. Looking forward to your excellent photography and commentary vis-a-vis the fz.

For the unitiated, in the Summer of '03, the Open Talk forum at dpreview was monopolized by enthusiastic Panasonic DMC-FZ1 users - most of them Brits(Erasmus41 , among othes). John was one of the early fz1 users in the US and his enthusiasm mixed with that of the Brits convinced me to sidegrade my Oly c2100. Been having a ball ever since. (Actually it hasn't stopped since getting the uzi. The fz1 just stepped it up a notch.) Very nice group of people both here and at dpreview.

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Hi John !Great to have you with us . I am another who is greatful to you for all your help and info posted on DPReview. I took your advice and have had many hours of fun and wonderful new learning experiences with my FZ1v2 !!¬* ¬*A wonderful little camera.Thanks John !!Charles
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