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Thankfully I now live 300 miles from London. For several years I covered London as part of my territory as a travelling rep. There is a very good chance less than two years ago I would have been in one of the affected areas. "There by the Grace of God go I".

I was in the States on 9/11 and saw the devastation and panic that caused, particulalry to a nation that had never experienced that kind of attack before. Unfortunetly we are a bit more used to it, though, it has been many years since such a attrocity occurred, and never to the extent of this one.

I am glad to hear my fellow Brits on this site are fine and well ( and honary Londoners :-) ). My heart though does go out to those who lost loved ones. Perhaps more so, for those who still don't know if their family/friends/lost ones are alive or dead.

Jussiuk, nice pic. sums it up! Harj, glad you survived both London and madrid.

Whatever your views on the right and wrongs of war and retalliation, the important thing is to carry on. To not do so would surely play right into the hands of Terrorists.

"Whoever" your God is, I do not believe the He would condone the deaths of the very people He created. These people hide behind their religious teachings. The truth isreligion has very little to do with it. You can turn ANY "bibilical (used loosly for ALL Holy books)" to your advantage if you so choose to - and these people do. They may READ the scriptures, but to UNDERSTAND them is entirley different.

This is about their beliefs that they want to use to warrant their sick agendas - which has nothing to do with the Good News and practices of major religions.

My prayer? That "God" would serve His justice on them.

I was a chuch housegroup leader for several years. I made it part of my business to have a very basic understanding of all the major beleifs. Not one condones such behaviour of these sick individuals

Thank you for reading this. Sorry to vent my feelings and my beliefs here. Not something I normally do. I guess it just hits home sometimes...

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I understand your point of view. I also don't believe in violence. I try to avoid trouble whenever possible. I have never started a fight in my life, but and that's a very big BUT, when trouble comes to you and you are faced with the ultimate decision (life and death) and there is no way you can avoid it, you have two choices, FIGHT or DIE! I believe we are at that crossroad now. Education, yes, in the longterm, but as Charlie pointed out, it's not going to solve our problems NOW. These islamofascists will not hear you. If you have listened to any of their speeches or heard the screams of the innocent people they have cruelly and slowly beheaded, you will understand that it's impossible to reach a fanatical mind full of hate. It comes down to one choice andit's a choice that must be made. What is more important the life of your family, your neighbors your country, your freedoms, your beliefs, everything you hold dear in your life, or the lives of those that are trying to destroy it and you. Each one of us is going to have to make that decision. This problem will not go away.

I believe that history can provide a great deal of the answer. It wasn't too long ago that a wallpaper hanger by the name of Adolph Hitler quickly rose to power and the world ignored it. His speeches about the "master race" were at first not taken seriously. When his followers marched down the streets with wooden guns and brooms they were not taken seriously. When he preached that the Jews were the cause ofGermany's and the world's economic woes and called for their genocide, he was not at first taken seriously. Why do you think so many Jews were rounded up and taken into concentration camps? The ones that saw the handwriting on the wall and fled Germany were the lucky ones. The ones that stayedwere in denial. They couldn't believe what was going on. "It has to be a mistake!" they thought,but it wasn't a mistake. I have friends that are holocaust survivors. They paid a heavy physical and emotional penalty on top of seeing their loved ones and friends brutally treated, tortured andthenmurdered. If the world then, had acted in time 6 million Jews andmore millions of Christians (yes, that'san ignored part of history) would have not had to die. The same mind set of Adolph Hitler exists in the islamofascists today. Make no mistake, this is not going to go away and we will all eventually have to make that all important decision.




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Hiroshi wrote:
jussiuk wrote:
This picture is not meantto be nationalistic or war like but just to demonstrate the remarkable spirit of londoners which I saw displayed everywhere.

Listen! You don't need to be apologetic!!!!! You darn well better get nationalistic.

It's time to stop being politically correct and become militarily active beforetheydestroy usall.

It's time to stop lighting candles and start defending our nations. The time to mourn our dead is after the the war is won.

Being civilized doesn't mean that you have to resign yourself to be exterminated.

These subhuman bastards don't give a rats behind about you. They hate you. They want to kill you. They want to exterminate your way of life and destroy everything you stand for. Their goal is to catapult civilization back a 1000 years. The only way they can be stopped is to destroy them before thedestroy us. Don't you get it?

Where is a Winston Churchill when we need him.

This needed to be said and I will not apologize for this post.

BTW - Fantastic poster...Beautiful artwork


I'll second that!
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An update to all this...
I read in the newspapers today that it is 99% sure that these terrorists were British born so there is not much use blaming anyone outside.
There are some extremist muslim centres here which seem to be the breeding ground for all this and there are apparently a lot of sleepers who had gone to receive training in Afghanistan for this purpose.
Interestingly and I think very importantly the muslim leaders in Britain will allegedly be issuing a fatwa on these bomber this coming week!
I believe the only solution to all this comes from inside their own communities. They don't care much what others think. So when their own community stands out against them I think some results will be achieved in changing this poison. When they realise there is no fuiture for them isinde the mosques I think many will start thinkg about it more. The Muslim Council (or something liek it) consists of top clerics and islamic scholars and they have all stood up to the bombers and called their actions as being anti islam.

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This is my first post, but this off-topic post moved me to do so. I am a police officer in the states (Virginia) and an Army reservist. I spent a year in Kuwait - thankfully only visited Iraq - and learned a great deal more about Islam than Iknew before. I found the Kuwaitis and other peoples in Kuwait to be friendly, charming, hospitable people. While some folks here in the states will argue that all Islamists are Jihadists at heart, I found that REAL Islamists (in Kuwait at least) are generally peaceful and just like every other normal person in the world; they want to live their lives with their friends and family, and bear no real ill will aganst the "west", Christians, or even Jews. They denouce these acts of terror, cried when they heard the news of Sadaam Hussein's capture, and welcomed US and British soldiers into their homes (when we could sneak off base.)

What the terrorists are doing is using religion to brainwash the poor and lost into committing horrible acts for political statements. They use these terrorist acts to try to bully anyone around them (notice that recently they have focused on attacking Iraqi police recruits - fellow Islamists) into not standing up to these morally deficient, evil people. Those committing terrorist acts in Iraq generally are not even Iraqi! Calling yourself Muslim while committing these acts reminds me of the early KKK here in the states calling themselves "Christian." They aren't.

The point is, these evil men must be stopped. We as a world community have to come together and end these horrific acts - but it cannot be done without everyone on board. It is difficult to ferret out who these cowards are, but it CAN be done if every nation gives them no quarter to flourish in. What can indiviuals do? Be vigilent and strong-willed, aware of your surroundings and neighborhood.

God bless the USA, God save the Queen, and may we all join hand and heart to evolve our communities into a world community! My prayers and thoughts are with those in London - you have incredible emrgency services!

Oh, and keep the awesome photos rolling!

~ nojustice
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