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I agree. I have the FZ1v2 and FZ20 and don't feel any need to grab a FZ30. In fact I'm selling my FZ20 to buy a D50. Low light performance, noise and WB issues still look to be a problem. It will probably be a good daylight- outdoor camera. Too costly and oversized for me. But hey., what do I know?
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Welcome CVC !

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Yes, I'm a 'kid' and like toys...like Canon S2...
Now, I think FZ30 is a better toy and wait for Fuji, Casio, KM, Sony and their future toys.
I love the movie mode on Canon S2 but am so much curious about FZ30 9 pixel readout in movie mode. I'm glad they don't adopted the mpeg 4 compression - it's soooo much inferior than MJpeg (big visible compression artefacts). Maybe a higher bitrate in MPEG4 will do a better job.
What I like at FZ30:

- very little purple fringing for this ultrazoom class (compared with Canon S2), good job Leica
- FINALLY, a high resolution FLIP&TWIST LCD
- FINALLY, a VGA 30fps movie mode and MJPEG compression
- manual zoom and focus
- very little shutter lag

I don't like at FZ30:

- very noisy at iso 80, 100. Panasonic, do you let Fuji F10 embarrass you?
- big camera body compared with other FZ's
- proprietary battery, how come Sony's ultrazoom can do with only 2 AA?
- 28 mm wide zoom would be more appealing to me, I can't wait for the Samsung's monster review...although I'll never buy a camera with a FIXED LCD, even a 3,5" one (two fixed lcd, in fact...how stupid...)
- microphone on top...sooo wrong...it takes so much what photographer say and less the subject in front. Panasonic, look at Canon S2 to know where to put the STEREO mic
- wired remote control and not wireless

Until the reviews,

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Narmer, I'ved changed my opinion about the OIS button.

I've been wanting to improve my skills using manual focus on the FZ20. Because of my vision I need to use a clip-on reading loupe to see the LCD clearly enough to be able to use the MF assist mode. So, I've been practicing focussing manually at 12x zoom. For me to keep the target object in the MF assist area, I need to use OIS mode 1. Once set, then I want to switch to OIS Mode 2 for taking handheld pictures.

Switching between mode 1 & 2 via the menus is becoming a pain. I now see the wisdom of having a OIS button. Now, it wold be nice if the OIS mode could be overriden to other functions when I'm not doing a lot of OIS switching.

Enjoy life!
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About the cropping, vIZ, I am doing a DVD slideshow, and I am cropping a lot of my images. I notice with my FZ20 images, when I crop there are little black specs (esp. in skin tones) which are very annoying. But I crank up the sharpness on the camera, and I think that is the problem. B/c in PS, if I add too much USM I get similar black specs. And going back, looking at my photos, and re-cropping really make a big difference and my pics have a lot more impact, esp. when watching it on the big screen with a soundtrack - I love that DVD slideshow, made 4 of 'em so far, and on my 5th!
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in most of the situations setting the camera Contrast or Saturation or Noise Reduction or Sharpness to HIGH will produce very bad effects.

CONTRAST: FZ20 has not a great Dynamic range, it's known: with High contrast you are going to further reduce it, making dark darker and bright brighter.

SHARPNESS: maybe you'll get better looking pics when viewed at screen size, but at 100% will look more noisy and unreal.

SATURATION: the problems with WB and colors are going to be made more evident with high saturation in camera setting.
Better keep it STD and then correct the greens and reds in PP, and eventually enhancing the blue in the sky with Photoshop SELECTIVE COLOR adjustment.
Setting LOW satur. will give you even less noise (both of base and when you shift colors in PP) but the original pics will look really dull, with dead colors.

I have had fine results setting it to High when I use much digital zoom (thus nearly always). If you take a normal picture, say in a wood, with this setting, you ll get the known "watercolor effect".
Also NR produces texturized patterns on FZ20, thuis it's better to keep it STD if not LOW, which enhances the resolution (then NR plugin work far better if you know how to use them properly).

ALL Settings to LOW are much close to a virtual RAW file which must be then PPed.
There was an experimental Post in DPREVIEW where the amount of Noise was shown to be minor with all settings to LOW and STD NR.

I generally set STD sharpness (more rarely LOW)
Different contrast, depending on the scene and what I want to achieve
LOW Noise reduction (more rarely STD and HIGh in the case I ve explained)
STD Saturation.

--- --- ---

I can believe FZ1v2 is better thanFZ20 as far as colors: maybe it is the double green cells layer (but have you noticed the GREEN channel is always the less noisy one?), but the colors and WB of my FZ20 -as I often repeat- are far inferior to my 150$ Canon Powershot A300 !!!

But it seems that this is one of the few fields in Which Panasonic should learn from Canon... although a very very important one !!!

Let's hope FZ30 has better Color, less color shifts, more precise WB less prone to color casts in situations where a dominance of colors is present.
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I feel if I am going to upgrade from the 20 it will be to a D70s and not to another fixed lens camera. I bought the 20 to see if it could keep up with what I wanted to shoot and it has. Only a few times have I been disappointed in the results and most probably it was operator error and not camera inability.

I have enjoyed the aftermarket items and have a pretty good range from the 6t thru the WCON 14 with the Phayee adaptor and different lens caps and their bag, I am really happy and could not say enough good about this "cult" camera.

For those who have not yet gotten the Panasonic bug, the 30 represents a real good investment.

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Thanks so much for the info and your setting "secrets", I really appreciate it. And you are behind me by 10 posts (I just was looking at the # of posts we both have), so.... catch up. First one to 500 gets a prize from Steve (I hear the new FZ30!).
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Just my 2 cents worth. There are some nice improvements. Like the swivel lcd, the simpler adjustments for aperture and shutter with out pushing mutiple buttons. Mechanical zoom ring is a big plus too Don't like the viewfinder, although I use it all the time. A lot of cursing takes place sometimes. Lol. The manual focus is usable, but I'm never really sure if I get it right when adjusting it. My eyes aren't all that good. The new feature of switching to 5 or 3 mp's is interesting to say the least. Should help out "birding" by increasing your zoom range. Not sure about 8 mp on a 1 1/8 sensor. That's still quite a small sensor, and seems like an awful lot of pixels crammed onto a small ccd. Noise is one my complaints when using the fz20-especially in low light, and I can't see there being an improvement here unless the technicians have had a breakthrough and figured it out. All that being said, I just purchased an istDS last week, and must say I'm really enjoying it. The viewfinder alone is such an overwhelming plus, that I find I'm manually focusing much of the time. And the levels of noise even when using iso 1600 is a dream come true. Heck, I only paid $75 more for my istDS with the kit lens (less than a $1000 now in the Great White North), than I paid for the fz20 (we get hosed here in Canada on camera prices). I'll keep my fz20 for a carry around camera in the golf bag etc, but I don't think it'll be getting much use any more. But we'll see. Maybe the convenience of having the fz's huge range of focal length will appeal to me after doing the "changing of lens" routine that I'll have to do now with a dslr. I'll see how it goes. Good luck to those who are upgrading.......cheers......thekman.

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Congrats thekman620,

I got the Pentax *ist DS and have been enjoying shooting that I can't do with the FZ20.

After my debacle in trying to shoot sports indoors I knew that a dslr was my only means of getting the kind of shots I want.

The noise levels is extremely low. At 3200 is still looks better than 200 on the FZ20.

I know I am comparing apples to oranges but I feel the FZ's are a an excellent prosumer camera. I learned alot from this particualr forum and will still shoot my FZ's.

No way will I part with my FZ1v2.
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