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Old Jul 26, 2005, 3:56 AM   #51
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Any thoughts on how this compares with the Nikon CP8800? The lens has about the same maximum focal length, though the 35mm equivalent is longer because of the smaller CCD. The images certainly seem to be free from CA, but are they a touch soft in comparison?
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Old Jul 26, 2005, 3:55 PM   #52
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Nancy you are going to win that contest...

Upgrading from FZ10-20 to dSLR is not correct (in logical terms), by the same way it is not correct to compare FZs with dSLR.
I mean, one can have both cams for different uses , purposes or occasions.

I am very attracted by photography, but most of the times I am out doing photos this is not the ONLY or the MAIN reason to be there. It is a plus.
So when I am out trekking or similar things, I d not wish I have too much weight with me. That's the reason I prefer to sacrifice the indeniably better Quality of a dSLR for a honest though really far from perfect FZ20.
And If I want to take shots in the streets of Napoli, I would be even less worried with my Canon A300 DC than with FZ20 not to tell about a reflex, which could attract thieves.

For what I want to achieve, FZ is already good, although I know it forces to spend more time PPing than a D70 or 20D would. (But also shooting RAW must be very time taking as far asPhotoshop PP).

I'dhave money to buy a dSLR or FZ30, but I will stay with FZ20 for a year more, up to when FZ40 is announced.
Yes, I know I ll be constantly temptated by those 8Mp, twistable hires LCD, F11 and all the rest, but then, If I'd buy FZ30, I'd be very disappointed to know that FZ40 has (InshalL'umix):

- Button or pad fuctions for ISO, metering and Focus type (very simple to do, even with a firmware upgrade I guess, but still an unlistened prayer by Mr Lumix on FZs).

- Larger CCD with same 8mp (sadly it'll be probably few more MP on same CCD or on veryslightly larger CCD)

- better TELE MACRO

- anti reflections LCD (the only thing they can do to improve that LCD, already a mini TV). New FZ LCD is way better than the one on Canon 20D!!!

- faster (in all the acceptations of the term in digicams language)

- more external flash capabilities

- BULB mode

- more "colors-directions" of WB FINE TUNE (Kelvin axis)

- a "JUMP" button and some Personal settings save

- F 2,6 all through the zoom range, with min ap. to F16 (will never be, I know)

and a few more possible things more. Really I 'd care for the 1st two ones.

So Isuggest not to become SLAVE oftechnology, and as I do with PC, I change only when it becomes too outdated in comparison with the actual level.
FZ30 would be a better tool than FZ20, but FZ40 will hardly be worse than 30.

I have already said that the upgrade is justified for FZ10 owners (and I have never thought that upgrading from FZ10 to 20 is a wist thing to do) but WE CAN't BE SO FOOL TO CHANGE CAM AT ANY NEW MODEL, even if we float in the money.

Sometimes inventiveness, skill, wit, creativity, *eye* and a few qualities more -apart from the obvious PASSION for taking photos- - can do much more the difference than a better camera can.
Better to try to grow artistically, in sensibility to the surrounding particular things, than leaning on a new improved model.

I only hope my FZ20 is not going to break in the next months, or I'll be forced to upgrade to FZ30 rather than waiting for 40 :-)


FZ30 is much similar to CP 8800. I hope price will be lower than 1000+ which Nikon UZ costed when out in the shops.

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Old Jul 28, 2005, 11:22 AM   #53
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There seem to be a lot of coments about wanting fewer pixels and higher ISO. Changing from 8mp to 6mp would only allow an increase to ISO 533 with the same noise level, not 800. I think if they had increased the CCD and lens size and not increased the number of pixels, there would be far more complaints. As it is, they've given us an increase in CCD size that matches the increase in number of pixels and a lens which gives enough definition to make use of them. I have an old Olympus C2100UZ. Recently I thought of getting one of the many 12X 5mp cameras, but decided the increase in quality (for my use) just did not justify it. But the jump up to the FZ30 might just be worth it. If I had an FZ20, I would not even be reading this.
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Old Jul 29, 2005, 2:30 AM   #54
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Hey Graham, The 2100uz was my first digital, and I am doing a slide show of all of my pics. Despite the 2mp image, the images of the 2100 I find superior to the FZ20. The colors are more accurate, and the focus on that camera is way better than the FZ20. I do love my FZ20, but minus the mp advantage, the 2100 is still a better camera. I will be selling the FZ20 in order to buy the FZ30, I really hope it is better in all aspects than the 2100 (that was the reason that I bought the FZ20, to replace the Oly 2100uz). The major advantage is cropping the FZ20 images over the 2100. I don't understand why Olympus didn't come out with a newer version of the 2100 (like Panasonic is doing with the FZ10/20/30). Plus Olympus' point and shoot capabilites are incredible compared with Canon and Panasonic - even back with the pns 35mm Olympus'. They just know how to make 'em!
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Nancy I haven't got to make any effort to believe you, about Olympus and FZ20.

The latter has not the best color reproduction (and WB) in modern cameras, maybe just average. Colors often too few incisive, and setting Saturation to HIGH will in most cases make it worse, for the Color shifts will result larger and more evident.
As I often use to repeat, my other digicam, A poor Canon PS A300, makes much much far better as far as color reproduction (and WB).

But, apart from this and batteries, it seems that S2 IS is going to be more or less = to FZ20, and far inferior to FZ30.

So I'll remain with my FZ20 for another year, looking at what happens after FZ30 and now having an eay on the (sadly with no I.S.) Fuji 9500 Zoom.
After all, managing my FZ20 and with some more efforts on Photoshop, even FZ20 can do many WOW shots... even colorswise.


HERE a short pre-review with pics of FZ30 (linked on a Post in DPReview forum)http://www.digit.no/wip4/detail.epl?id=58591

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With all the cropping I do of my bird pics along with the desire to print high quality 8.5X11 or larger, Panasonic definitely has my attention with the 30.
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Old Jul 29, 2005, 8:21 PM   #57
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I agree my attention is on the high side. Color reproduction like the lower MP cameras and the noise levels with either make or break my deciding if this camera is the, "shiznit". I do have a DSLR and have enjoyed using it over my FZ20. In fact, it isalready sold since the FZ10 has less noise issues and the FZ1v2 hands down the best chameleon camera out there. It can do it all with the help of a slave flash.

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Old Aug 3, 2005, 3:21 PM   #58
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This isn't a question about "which one to buy" as I already have a digicam that I'm quite content with but more of a question regarding cameras with similar feature sets but twokey differences, so, I thought this might be the forum to post in. If it's not, I apologize and I'll repost in the proper forum. I was wondering if anybody thought of a comparison of the Konica Minolta A200 (or A2) to the upcoming FZ30, the differences in zoom capabilities aside? I think the A200 has a bigger CCD (2/3")? While I acknowledgethere is a potentially huge difference because of the different zoom capabilites, could the difference in the CCDs alter anyone's opinions ofthe FZ30 as compared to the A200/A2? One of the main comlaints I've seen about the FZ30 is the CCD size. However, reviews of and pictures from the A200 seem to indicate some very minor issues with noise, getting worse at ISO above 200,even with a CCD that's bigger than the one found in the FZ30. Does that mean there could potentially be more noise issues with the FZ30? I figured by the time of release, street prices of the cameras might be comparable and the feature sets, other than the zoom ranges and CCDs,seem to be comparable. All have very good lenses and I know Panasonic has gottengenerally good reviews as has the A200 & A2. I was wondering if anyone can speculate as to advantages/disadvantages for any of these cameras as far as things like image quality or general features and performance. Do you guys think this could be a fair comparison or is it apples and oranges?
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Old Aug 4, 2005, 2:48 PM   #59
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At Imaging- Resource, they give the retail price as $699. Street price may be say, $550, IMO.

BTW, why these fellows had to stick to ancient USB1.1 is more than anybody can imagine.:?
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Ya know, for all these upgrades... do you really think the final output... "the picture" on a standard 6X4 - which is what most people print - when they print, is really all that much better than the initial2 megapixel FZ1v2?

I'm not knocking them, mind you... but the camera produces "output", some sort of print - electronic or paper... ya know?

And, now afterthe3rd upgrade cycle (!!! ...FZ1/10; 20/15/3; FZ5)in - what, 18 months, the MAJOR limitation - and it's a big one,of all the P&S is still the same, limited iso to 200without unacceptable noise.

Betchya, ifsomeone printed out a6X4 with a (now) two year old FZ1v2 and the new "30" the average, untrainedeye - or even uncommon trained eye, would be hard-pressed to tell the difference in "quality" between the two cameras on the vast majority of prints, or pictures cropped to fit most screen resolution.

More likely, the skill and compositional eye of the photographer would be the determining factor, not the technology.

This, that, and the other thing? Mostly pointless bells and whistles...

Sorry... show me something "new" in the digital point-n-shoot arena. Aclean400 iso, or somewhat clean800 perhaps...But "this or that" featureand some more megapixels?Yawnsies. This technology is repeating itself. Has it hit its limit?

I chase technology around in the 90's with PCs - buying the latest and greatest every couple years,as PCswere obsolete the second you took them out of the box. Of course, you wereFORCED to buya new one'cause you couldn't run the new software...

But digital cameras??? Show me something that will effect ->the print <- . Otherwise, no sale. $600 for a point and shoot camera thatstill limits me to iso 200 with negligibleimprovements inthe quality of the vast majority of prints? Again, no sale. My 15 year old SLR and a couple lenses - worth under $75 on eBay is more versitile.

Color me "not buying a newdigital point-n-shoot camerauntil they can give me a higher iso speed - at a reasonable price, no matter what features they add..." Also color me "not buying a DSLR until the prices come down, and the don't become obsolete every 24 months..." Until then, it's my FZ1v2 is my digital, and my ancientfilmSLRs (which I've come to appreciate more, anduse more often than my digital recently...)

Bottom line... the pictures look mostly the same, with perhaps an incremental improvement that's usually hardly noticeable. The major limitation - iso speed, is the same. No sale.

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