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boyzo wrote:
squirl033 wrote:
yeah, the manual zoom control is kinda nice, reminds me of some of the old film SLR lenses. i never cared much for the two-ring design, though... i preferred the ones with one ring that turned to focus and slid forward or back to zoom. easier and faster to zoom while refocusing...

Yes the one broad ring for focus / zoom (Tamron 80-200mm f3.5)
my GF still uses her Pentax K1000 K mount with 80-200 Tamron (Heavy) YEP sweet camera tho'
doncha just love those old Pentax SLR's? i still have my old ME Super, and a bagful of lenses... 28mm and 50mm fixed, 35-70 and 80-200 zooms, and somewhere i think i even have a 75-300mm "one-touch" zoom. it was pretty powerful in its day, but compared to the FZ, well, it's just a paperweight! i had a motor winder for it, a couple of flashes, and a whole bunch of filters, because all those lenses needed 3 or 4different filter sizes! another problem solved by the FZ!! :G thePentax still works, but i haven't used it in years, and with the FZ now occupying my kit bag, the Pentax will probably never shoot another frame... ah, progress!

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